When Do Most Couples Get Engaged

Get engaged when the time is right.
Get engaged when the time is right.

The question, "when do most couples get engaged", is complicated. There isn't a simple answer as there are many different factors to consider.

The engagement and marriage process has changed dramatically over recent years. The strict etiquette of yesteryear has been replaced with a more flexible situation where a couple get engaged at a time that is best for them, rather than when etiquette dictates. This means that a couple will often get engaged at a time that takes into account their individual circumstances and therefore it will be different for everyone. Saying that, there are some considerations that every couple faces when determining when they should get engaged.

When Do Most Couples Get Engaged?

When deciding if the time is right to get engaged, most couples will take into account factors that include:

Plans to Get Married

While many couples get engaged without any firm plans to get married, an engagement still precedes a wedding in the majority of cases. An engagement demonstrates a couple's commitment to each other and signifies the start of the wedding planning process. Couples who have decided that they want to get married and are committed to spending their lives together as husband and wife will typically get engaged at this point, even if they are planning a long engagement.

Living Together

Some couples do not have plans to get married and, instead, prefer to live together without the need of a formal arrangement. Couples who make this choice will often get engaged as this shows family and friends the level of their commitment and the depth of their relationship. Most couples who get engaged in these situations would do so when they are both committed to setting up home together.


Most couples need to take into account their financial situation before getting engaged. When considering whether the time is right to become engaged a couple will need to decide whether they are able to afford to set up home and perhaps plan for a family. Some couples find that they need to save for several months or years before they are in a position to set up home together and this influences when a couple gets engaged.


There are many good reasons why a couple gets engaged, however there can be some negative reasons too. One of these is when a couple gets engaged because of family or peer pressure. A couple may feel that because all their friends are getting engaged then they must do so too, or family members may start to put pressure on a couple to get married. This can result in a couple getting engaged, but not necessarily for the right reason.

How to Determine if the Time is Right

A couple who ask "when do most couples get engaged?" will often be asking this because they are considering getting engaged and want to know if the time is right for them. The couple will be asking this question because they are looking for reassurance or guidance. While there are no simple answers to this question, there are a further set of questions that a couple can ask themselves that will help them decide if now is the time for them to get engaged. These include:

  • Are you both fully committed? An engagement signifies the beginning of a long term commitment. Are you both happy that you will remain committed to each other for many years to come?
  • Do you really know each other? Before getting engaged a couple will want to be sure that they really know each other. This includes knowing each other's likes and dislikes, however it also includes being sure that there are no nasty secrets that could harm the relationship later on.
  • Do you have common goals? A couple needs common goals to work towards. A couple where one person wants a family and the other doesn't, for instance, will face some major challenges later on.

Couples who are wondering "when do most couples get engaged?" must take into account all of these considerations - and more. However they must ultimately make the decision based on what is right for them as a couple.

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When Do Most Couples Get Engaged