Unique Engagement Ring Pictures

Types of Unusual Engagement Rings


Viewing a selection of unusual engagement ring pictures can give couples a glimpse of how many different engagement ring designs are available as well as provide inspiration about what type of ring they many want to symbolize their relationship. A unique design or setting, non-traditional materials or stones, or using traditional elements in unexpected ways are possibilities for a ring that is outside the norm.

Unique Design


Many jewelry stores stock a range of familiar, classic designs but offer fewer options for truly unique designs such as this double butterfly ring. If you are set on a design that is special to your bride-to-be, consider taking a photo of your ideal ring with you when ring shopping so the jeweler has an idea of what type of design you are interested in and may be able to help in choosing a similar style.

Some jewelers can make a completely customized ring; others offer made-to-order rings where you select the design, stone, setting, and metals for an original ring.

One-of-a-Kind Rings


Many couples are interested in unusual engagement rings because, just like the ring, their relationship is different from anyone else's. This unusual geometric shape ring is set in yellow gold and accented with pave diamonds. With a stunning ring like this, there is no need for a separate wedding band since it can stand alone.

Not Just Diamonds


There is no set rule on having to use a diamond for the stone in an engagement ring. Couples may choose a ring with a different gemstone because of its meaning or because of the bride-to-be's preference for a particular stone. This stunning ring has a blue heart-shaped sapphire as the center stone and features a split shank band adorned with diamonds. Sapphires are said to symbolize, joy, hope and faithfulness, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

Intricate Shapes


Some of the most unique rings have diamonds set in intricate shapes such as flowers. This engagement ring is done with a floral motif and uses diamonds to create the petals of the flower and a larger diamond for the center.

Cluster Set Stones


Whether it is for the look alone, or because you want the illusion of a bigger center stone but not the high price that comes with it, a cluster setting may be the ideal choice. This setting places diamonds together to create sparkle and the illusion of a large center stone. It is an unusual design that is a lovely choice for any bride to be.

Engagement Band


An engagement ring does not have to be a solitaire or traditional type of ring. Consider a less-traditional design such as a band with diamonds and other stones.

Rings with Cultural Symbolism


Couples with strong cultural ties may consider a ring that represents that bond, such as an Irish Claddagh ring. Most cultures have unique jewelry designs that can be a symbolic, and incorporating the design into an engagement ring can serve as a special gesture of honor to that culture.

The Ultimate Luxury


For the woman who wants a stunning piece of jewelry, choose an engagement ring that will be as unique as she is. Luxury metals, multiple diamonds, and a creative, modern setting can take a ring from standard to truly distinctive. This platinum ring has multiple rows of diamonds done in a scattered setting and will sparkle on her finger with every move.

Personal Style


An engagement ring should reflect the bride-to-be's personal style and taste. This simple white gold ring uses a solitary emerald as the center stone, offering an unusual and eye-catching design. There are many original ring designs that can be used for an engagement ring -- making it possible to find the perfect one for you.

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Unique Engagement Ring Pictures