Unique Engagement Photos

Classic Engagement Pose


Taking pictures during your engagement is a great way to preserve memories of this special time in your relationship, and unique engagement photos capture what truly makes you and your betrothed perfect for one another. A classic embrace photo is always suitable, or you can opt for more exciting and unusual poses. Whether you plan on formal engagement portraits or more casual pictures, unique poses can be great mementos for you to share for many anniversaries.

The Ring


While many couples focus on the ring in select engagement photo poses, taking a picture of the ring by itself can be powerful. Be sure the ring is clean and the light captures its brilliance, and consider using romantic props such as a rose, pearls, or lace. Don't overwhelm the ring, however, and position the angle of the photo to show off the ring's character and uniqueness.



A silhouette photo is a great way to use light to capture the romance in your relationship. Either sunrise or sunset photos will work, and different settings might include beaches, mountains, or open fields. For the pose, capture a romantic embrace, a kiss, holding hands, or another sweet moment.

Natural Frames


Look for natural frames to incorporate into your engagement photos. Tree blossoms, autumn leaves, rock arches, and other natural features can help frame your pose and introduce depth and texture into the image. Natural shots also help capture the time of year, adding yet another dimension to your photos.



Have fun with your photos and go for innocent play such as blowing bubbles, picking wildflowers, splashing in the surf, or otherwise enjoying the moment. Action shots capture emotions and personalities that formal poses may miss, so be sure you include several play-themed photos in your engagement picture session.

Face Away


You do not need to be facing the camera in every engagement photo. Show a softer, romantic side of your relationship by composing a rear view shot and focus instead on the setting: looking into a fire, watching a sunset, or walking down a trail can all be great images to capture as part of your engagement.

Close Cuddle


Go for closeup photos to really show your romantic side. A close, passionate kiss, fun, sweet cuddle, or flirtatious whisper in the ear can all be happy moments to capture as part of your pictures.

Get Wet


Beach engagement photos are popular with many couples, but instead of just using the beach as a backdrop, interact with your setting by donning swimwear and splashing in the surf. Running along the beach, splashing one another in the waves, or just laying on the beach as the waves wash around you are all options for unique engagement photos.

Try a Toast


Add classic romance and symbolism into your engagement photos by toasting one another with a glass of wine or champagne. This type of photo evokes thoughts of wedding toasts, romantic candlelit dinners, and other great symbolism for your engagement.

Barrier Kiss


There are no limits to the romance in your engagement photos if you opt for a barrier kiss pose. Kiss over a fence, across a railing, or with some other minor obstacle in the pose to show that no barrier will stop the romance you share. These poses are also reminiscent of the classic balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, another great bit of romance to include in your photos.

Go Low


Add some different perspective to your engagement photo poses by opting for unique angles. Lay on the grass or beach and get a low angle shot, or have the photographer shoot a hidden kiss from above. A wide angle panoramic shot can also be a great way to take advantage of the scenery near your photo shoot.

Active Backgrounds


Many formal portraits, whether they're shot in a studio or outdoors, often feature a static, unchanging background. Liven up your engagement photos by posing near a fountain, changing lights, crashing surf, or other active features that bring a dynamic edge to your photos.

Be Seasonal


If you get engaged in the winter, don't wait for spring just to have classic flowers and blossoms in your engagement pictures. Instead, incorporate the season by including at least a few outdoor photos that will help you remember just when you got engaged. For winter photos, a snowy walk, snowball fight, or making snow angels together can all be fun choices.

Capture the Moment


Taking photos is all about capturing the moments of your life, so capture the moment of your engagement with a shot of putting the ring on the bride-to-be's finger. Reenacting this instant of engagement is a great photo for your wedding scrapbook, save the date cards, or just a photo album for many happy memories.

Say Cheese!


Taking unique engagement photos is a great way to capture not only the excitement of your relationship, but also the special things that make your personalities unique. Look for unique settings, unusual poses, and other fun ways to make your engagement pictures just as personalized as your ring and your relationship.

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Unique Engagement Photos