Western Wedding Ring Pictures

Wedding Bands for Western Couples


If you're planning a country and western-themed wedding or you simply love the laid back style of this type of jewelry, a western-themed wedding band is a perfect choice. From horseshoes to turquoise, there are many stylish rings out there that will fit the bill.

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Rope Rings

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Rings with braid or rope designs are reminiscent of lassos or horse tack. With its subtle rope-shaped inlays, this tungsten carbide ring is perfect for a western theme. It has country style without being too obvious, and can be worn by men or women. The ring retails for about $140.

Ladies' Diamond Horseshoe Rings

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A horseshoe is a popular western motif, and when it's paired with diamonds, it makes an exquisite wedding ring. This ladies' 14k white gold horseshoe ring isn't a traditional choice, but it's full of country charm. The diamond accents add just the right amount of sparkle. At about $200, this ring makes an affordable choice.

Men's Horseshoe Style

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Sparkling horseshoes aren't just for ladies. Men can rock this classic western style with a chunkier band. This 14k yellow gold and cubic zirconia men's band features a glittering horseshoe and a gold cross. White gold accents help show off the design. It retails for about $800.

Turquoise Rings

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A sterling silver and turquoise wedding ring has a distinct Southwestern flair with a Native American touch. Turquoise may be inlaid into the ring in several types of patterns, or a single vibrant turquoise gem may be the ring's focal point. In the case of this beautiful band, repeated turquoise triangles provide a stunning geometric design. This ring retails for about $40.

Hammered Gold

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A hammered gold ring has a bit of rugged texture that is perfect for a western design. You can find hammered rings in just about any metal, but 14k rose gold evokes a western sunset. It's an unexpected choice that's full of country beauty. This ring is available for both men and women and retails for about $400.

Copper Color Stainless

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While copper is often a part of western-style jewelry, it's not the ideal material for a wedding ring. Some people are sensitive to copper, and it corrodes or discolors more quickly than sterling silver or gold. However, you can embrace western culture and the look of copper with a copper-colored ring lined in stainless steel. This stainless steel and cubic zirconia ring features a rope design and retails for about $40.

Feather Rings

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Many western wedding bands are etched or carved with natural themes. Eagle feathers are a popular and beautiful option. This sterling silver feathered band has a Native American motif. It retails for about $40.

Western Animal Wedding Bands

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From horses to coyotes, animals figure heavily in country and western culture. This gorgeous turquoise wolf band is crafted in sterling silver and comes in a wide range of sizes. It's perfect for your western wedding and retails for about $72.

Whether you choose an animal-themed band or a ring inlayed with turquoise, embracing your love of western style is a great choice. There are lots of lovely western wedding rings to choose from, and one will be perfect for your big day.

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Western Wedding Ring Pictures