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This slideshow presents some of today's most popular engagement ring trends. Every bride-to-be has her own personal style, but it is often enlightening to look at the most popular ring designs, precious metals, and types of gems that are preferred by today's distinguished brides.

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Princess Solitaire

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This princess solitaire engagement ring has a carved band.

Vintage Style

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The ornate vintage style of this ring has made a comeback.

Three-stone ring

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This three stone ring uses a raised 14k gold setting.

Eternity Ring

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This eternity ring is set with diamonds and yellow sapphires.

Invisible Set Princess

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Invisible set princess diamonds in a white gold band is stunning.

Three Sided Pave

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Three-sided pave setting with a solitaire diamond.

Emerald and Diamond Ring

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Emerald engagement ring with sparkling diamond accents.

Half Moon Accents

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This engagement ring has a half moon accents to set apart the center stone.

Twisted Infinity Diamond Band

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Twisted infinity bands are symbolic as well as beautiful when they are set with diamonds.

Blue and White 3-Stone Ring

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This three stone ring has both white and vibrant blue diamonds.

Vintage Style Eternity Ring

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This diamond eternity ring is another example of the trend toward vintage style

Titanium Tension Setting

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Tension set engagement rings are an elegant recent trend; this ring sets the solitaire diamond in titanium.

Halo Diamond Ring

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Halo diamond ring with pave setting.

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