Best Marriage Proposal Ideas

Many Proposal Options

There are many different ways to pop the question if you are ready to get engaged. From a classic on-bended-knee romantic moment to an elaborate scheme to ask this universal question, the best marriage proposals are those that are romantic, thoughtful and considerate of your partner, making a simple question into an unforgettable moment.

For some couples, that may mean a stunning surprise proposal or a very public, elaborate event, while for other couples the best way to get engaged is a simple, private, heartfelt question. Whether the question or answer is a surprise or not, the asking should always be special.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinners are one of the most popular ways to get engaged. To make this the best proposal possible, choose a restaurant that features your beloved's favorite dishes, order a bottle of wine or champagne, ask for an intimate table for two, and consider adding some gentle candlelight to help set a romantic mood.

Ring and Roses

A sentimental way to propose is to nestle the diamond engagement ring into the bloom of a perfect rose. Tuck the ring in carefully and be sure it stays secure, but do not hide it so deeply in the flower that the sparkle isn't noticed.

You can also tie the ring to a bouquet of flowers, or slip it onto the stem of a single bloom. For a more creative option, avoid classic red roses and choose a unique color or an entirely different flower, such as the bride-to-be's favorite.

Special Song

Music can help set the mood for a perfect proposal, and a romantic song can even sing the words of the question for you. Opt for softer music if you just plan to have it in the background, and you can even play or sing the music yourself if you have the talent to do so.

Noteworthy Proposal

Leaving a note for someone as a way to pop the question can be a charming and whimsical way to propose marriage. A charming bulletin board display like the one pictured here is a great option.

Other unique ways to make your proposal noteworthy include:

  • A romantic card
  • A series of scavenger hunt love notes
  • A hidden note in a secret place the two of you share

Sandy Saying

Finding a secluded, private beach for your wedding proposal can make it instantly romantic. Choose a clean, smooth spot and write your romantic words in the sand for your proposal - "Marry Me" is the most popular, but you can also use "Be Mine" "I Love You" "I'm Yours" or similar sentiments to preface your proposal.

Proposal by Text

A whimsical text message can be a fun way to pop the question, particularly if your dating life is often marked by text messages, email reminders, and online dates.

To make this proposal more romantic, make that critical message the first one on a new cell phone, or change the phone's ringtone to a romantic song or wedding march just before you send the text.

Romantic View

Timing can be everything in a perfect proposal. Certain moments, such as a sunset, are naturally romantic and can be beautiful times to propose. Proposing under a full moon or a sky full of stars are other romantic options no matter where you plan to pop the question.

Champagne Rings

Placing the ring in a glass of champagne is another classic way to propose, but do so with caution. Depending on the ring's age and materials, it could get dull or dirty from the champagne, and it can be difficult to get a ring out of a delicate flute gracefully.

For most couples, while this may seem like the ideal proposal, it would be best to keep the ring dry and save the champagne for a celebratory toast.

Vacation Proposal

Proposing on vacation is a unique way to make a getaway even more memorable. Choose a romantic destination and the right time of year - Paris in the spring, summer on a tropical beach, a cozy winter ski resort - for the best vacation proposal, and you may even find yourself planning a return trip for your honeymoon.

Unexpected Place and Time

An unexpected location or unusual timing can make a proposal memorable and surprising. Take a winter walk and talk about how your love keeps you warm or comment that you know of more beautiful ice than the most idyllic winter landscape and when you present the ring, it will be both relevant and meaningful.

Personal Landmark Date

Choose a date with personal meaning, such as the anniversary of the couple's first meeting, date or kiss. Other popular personal landmark dates might include a birthday, a parent or grandparent's anniversary or college graduation.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days to propose. A classic proposal may involve a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, or other classic gifts, or you can always plan a more unique way to propose on this romantic holiday.


Presenting the engagement ring as a Christmas gift or proposing near the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree can make the holiday season even more joyous. You may choose to make this a private holiday moment, or even propose in front of family and friends for a spectacular surprise.

New Year's Proposal

New Year's Eve is a very popular time for marriage proposals. As you're putting "auld acquaintance" behind you, what better time to let the love of your life know that you're ready for a permanent commitment?

Consider proposing just before going to a New Year's party with your love, or at the stroke of midnight for maximum impact.

Getting the Answer You Want

Select an approach that will have special meaning for you and your true love - and one that's likely to lead to a resounding "Yes!" The best marriage proposals, while unique and personalized, always have one thing in common: they're the first step toward your happily ever after.

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