Beach Engagement Pictures

Sandy Sentiments

Beach engagement pictures can be romantic, sophisticated, and playful. Couples who got engaged on the beach or who are planning a beach wedding may especially enjoy beach photos, and there are many unique photo poses to choose from for memorable pictures.

When taking beach engagement pictures, take advantage of the beautiful and changing light of the beach. Choose a stretch of beach that is clean and uncluttered, and use a variety of angles to capture the whole beach scene.

The first photo can set the scene of the engagement, even if the couple is not pictured, by writing endearing words or carving a heart in the sand.

Romantic Close Up

Get close for a romantic close up photo. Leave a bit of background to show off the waves and sand as well.

Close Cuddle

A cool beach is a great setting for a romantic hug or cuddle. A unique angle can add even more personality to the picture as well.

Wide Angle Picture

A wider angle can capture more of the beach scene and is especially impressive with a dramatic blue sky.

Simple Shadows

Couples can show their affection without showing their faces with a shadow shot. Holding hands, a kiss, or a bended knee proposal image are popular choices.

Laughter in the Sand

Smiles and laughter are great action engagement photo poses. A piggyback ride, splashing in the water, or burying one another in sand can all be used for fun beach engagement pictures.

Using the Background

Capture a familiar background - such as this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge - to set the scene for your engagement. Even less iconic backgrounds, such as palm trees, mountains, or waves, can be beautiful and memorable options.

Simple Silhouettes

Silhouettes during a sunset are romantic and dramatic options for beach engagement pictures. Capture a kiss, hug, or other romantic moment to make the most of this beautiful light.

Get Wet

You're on the beach, why not get a little wet? Wading in the shallow waves, splashing one another, or totally going into the water are fun ways to enjoy the beach and capture the fun of your engagement.

Intimate Romance

Your engagement is a romantic time, and a close, intimate pose can capture that romance tastefully and elegantly.

Fun in the Sand

Have fun with your engagement photos and practice carrying the bride-to-be over the threshold at the same time!

Classic Engagement Photo Pose

Don't forget to include a few classic photo poses with your engagement pictures. Simple shots can work well for newspaper announcements, save the date cards, websites, and more.

Step into a New Relationship

Take your first steps toward married life along the sand and capture the moment with a unique picture.

Beach Wedding

A beach engagement and beach engagement pictures can easily lead to a memorable beach wedding as you say "I do" on the sand.

For more information on beach engagement pictures and engagement photos in general, visit these LoveToKnow Engagement Rings articles: Ways to Propose on the Beach, Engagement Photo Ideas, and Engagement Photo Poses. If you are planning a beach wedding you might consider Nautical Wedding Bands or Dolphin Engagement Rings, and be sure to visit LoveToKnow Beach Weddings!

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