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Sapphire Engagement Ring Options

Kate Miller-Wilson

Stunning Sapphires

If you love the idea of a ring with a precious gem but you want something a little more colorful than a diamond, a sapphire engagement ring is the perfect choice. Sapphires are made of the extremely durable and beautiful corundum, a material that comes in a range of colors. You'll also find a wealth of stone shapes, setting styles, and designs, proving that the sky's the limit when it comes to this type of engagement ring.

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Sapphire Solitaire
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If you're a fan of classic styles and simple beauty, a sapphire solitaire could be your dream ring. This exquisite ring features an 8 x 6mm natural emerald-cut deep blue sapphire set in a simple 10k white gold band. This ring retails for about $340.

Sapphire Three-Stone Ring
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A three-stone engagement ring is a beautiful traditional choice, especially when the center gem is a blue sapphire. This beautiful 14k white gold ring features a 0.50-carat princess-cut natural blue sapphire flanked by two 0.25-carat princess-cut diamonds. It retails for just over $700.

Sapphire with Pave Diamond Accents
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For a twist on the traditional, choose a sapphire engagement ring with pave-set diamond accents. This spectacular 14k white gold ring boasts dozens of sparkling, colorless, pave-set diamonds on an intricate band that surrounds a glowing 1.05-carat round brilliant-cut sapphire centerpiece. This head-turner retails for about $1,500.

Creative Shapes
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This beautiful marquis-shaped blue sapphire ring offers a gorgeous and unique look. This ring boasts a lot of sparkle with an oval cut center sapphire surrounded by two halos of tiny diamonds set into a marquis shape. The ring is set on a 14k white gold band encrusted with more colorless diamonds. The ring retails for approximately under $560.

Antique Style
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Sapphires were popular as engagement ring centerpieces in years gone by, and many modern rings take their inspiration from antique styles. This sterling silver Art Deco-style ring features elaborate filigree and carving. A .35-carat brilliant round blue sapphire sparkles from the center of the embellished band that also features tiny diamonds for extra sparkle. This ring retails for just around $80.

Celtic Sapphires
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Celtic engagement rings are a gorgeous option, and some designs even feature a sapphire. This pretty 14k white gold ring has a square 0.9-carat natural blue sapphire centerpiece. The gem is flanked by two Celtic knots and features 20 tiny diamonds flowing down the sides of the band. It retails for about $750.

Created Sapphire Rings
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Lab-created sapphires also make a lovely, affordable choice as a centerpiece for your engagement ring. This pretty design has a heart-shaped lab-created blue sapphire which is set in an embrace-style band encrusted with colorless diamonds. The setting is 18k white gold. This ring retails for about $330.

Star Sapphire Rings
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A star sapphire is a particular type of sapphire that has a star-shaped inclusion in the center of the stone. These gems are typically cut as cabochons to show off this beautiful star pattern. A star sapphire engagement ring makes a gorgeous, non-traditional choice. This natural star sapphire ring features a blue 8 x 6mm center oval gem flanked by tiny diamond accents in a 14k white gold setting. It retails for just under $300.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Although most people associate sapphires with the color blue, they actually come in a range of fancy colors. One of the most popular choices is pink. This 14k rose gold ring features a 2-carat deep pink cushion-cut sapphire surrounded by a ring of white diamonds. More white diamonds decorate the twisted, split-shank band. This stunning ring retails for just under $2,900.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Like yellow diamond engagement rings, pieces featuring beautiful yellow sapphires offer a new twist on the traditional. The sunny yellow sapphire is surrounded by a unique shape of prong set round, colorless diamonds. The band also features diamonds for a total carat weight of 1.23. This ring retails for about $1,600.

With all the fancy colors and exquisite designs, it's always a good idea to view pictures of beautiful sapphire engagement rings before you decide on one. No matter which color, setting, and design you choose, you'll know that this is a ring you'll love for many years to come.

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Sapphire Engagement Ring Options