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There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to men's promise rings. The importance of the ring is its significance, not its shape, and for this reason a wide variety of styles are suitable.

Men's Promise Rings Styles

Shopping for men's promise rings is easier than ever because of the large selection of men's rings available. Styles suitable for promise rings includes poesy rings, claddagh rings, titanium bands and mokume gane rings.

Poesy Rings

Poesy rings date back to medieval times and were worn as both promise and wedding rings over the years. These types of rings are usually all metal and feature a pattern, some of which are symbolic. Special romantic words are engraved inside or outside the ring band. The idea behind a poesy ring is that the engraved words worn close to the skin bind the person wearing the ring to the one who gave him the ring. The rings come in both sterling silver and gold, with sterling silver being the most widely available in ring designs.

8mm Sterling Silver Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band Ring
Solomon's Cross ring on

These types of rings are widely available today. A few resources where they can be found include:

  • Cascadia Design Studio: Order a custom-engraved titanium promise ring for the special man in your life. Choose among several languages, including English, French, Gaelic, Sansrkit and more.
  • Eve's Addiction: Select a stainless steel ring with the pre-engraved saying of your choice. Custom engraving is also available.
  • Solomon's Cross Ring: This 8mm sterling silver ring is engraved on the inside with a special message, and with a cross on the outside.

Examples of poesy ring sayings include:

  • Plain metal band inscribed with the words, "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine." - Bible, Songs of Solomon 2:16
  • Ot Dushi wide band ring with Russian Art Nouveau Cyrillic letterforms decorating the outer band and inscribed with the words, "From my soul," in the inner band - Russian
  • Floral pattern band featuring the words, "All I refuse and thee I choose." - Traditional British (This floral pattern does not look feminine).
  • Faith rings aka Fede or Mani in Fede (Hands in Trust) rings - a thin band featuring two hands clasped together in faith - Traditional Italian
  • Plain band featuring the Gaelic words, "Anam Cara (Soul Friend)," - Irish

Claddagh Rings

The Irish Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish wedding ring but today it is commonly used all over the world as a promise ring. The ring features two hands holding a crowned heart to symbolize love, loyalty and friendship. As a promise ring, the claddagh should be worn on the left hand with the heart facing inward to indicate that the wearer is in a serious relationship. Rings typically come in sterling silver or gold.

This popular style is widely available. Online retailers you may want to consider include:

  • This U.S. owned and operated company carries an extensive selection of yellow gold, white gold and platinum rings made in Ireland.
  • Claddagh Ring King: This online store carries an excellent selection of men's rings in yellow gold, white gold and silver, with some styles featuring gemstones.
  • GlenCara: Specializing in Irish Jewelry and located in Galway, Ireland, this company carries a number of Claddagh rings in white gold, yellow gold, two-tone, and silver. Free worldwide shipping is provided.

Titanium Bands

Titanium Band
Plain titanium band

Titanium rings are very popular in men's jewelry because of the durability of the metal and its affordable price. The hard metal holds up to an active lifestyle without getting scratched or damaged. Ring styles suitable for promise rings feature simple metal bands, patterns and artistic designs.

The many places you can find titanium bands include:

  • Just Men's Rings: Specializing in jewelry for men, this online retailer carries an impressive collection of titanium bands for men, including styles with traditional silver-tone and an unexpected black finish.
  • Boccia: Specializing in titanium jewelry, Boccia is an excellent resource for finding pure titanium rings, including two-tone styles and those that feature embedded diamonds.
  • Triton: Triton carries a wide variety of titanium bands in a number of styles. Finish options include silver tone and black and many styles feature embedded diamonds and rope patterns.

Mokume Gane Rings

Mokume Gane black ring on

Mokume gane is a Japanese jewelry technique that involves fusing several different precious metals together to create artistic patterns. Yellow gold, white gold, green gold and rose gold are commonly used in designs. Many colors combinations and artistic masculine designs are available.

Online retailers that carry mokume gane men's rings include:

  • James Binnion Metal Arts: Order a custom mokume gane ring handmade by a master craftsman in your choice of a wide variety of metal combinations.
  • Titanium Kay: This online retailer is a great option if you're looking for a high quality off-the-shelf ring rather than commissioning a custom-designed creation.
  • Alaska Jewelry: This company also offers a selection of ready-made mokume gane rings, with some styles featuring embedded diamonds.

Ring Selection Considerations

There are a few important features to bear in mind when choosing a promise ring for a male. Ensuring that the ring is wearable and suitable for a man's lifestyle is vital if the ring is to be worn daily.

Metal Choice

Picking the right metal for a promise ring is important. A soft metal might not be practical for some professions as it will scratch and even get knocked out of shape. Harder metals like titanium are good alternatives, as is silver, which is hard-wearing and widely available.

Simple Style

Plain rings are often more practical for day to day wear than those that are ornate. They are easier to keep clean, making them a good choice for someone working in the health profession or anywhere where the ring may be dirty frequently. Safety is also an important concern. Highly decorated rings can catch on clothing and machinery, meaning that they could be dangerous in some environments.

Stone Options

There is no reason why a promise ring cannot be set with stones. If the ring is being worn as an alternative to an engagement ring then this could be a very attractive choice. A single diamond set into a band would reflect the solitaire ring of his fiancé or perhaps the ring could be set with small diamonds or a colored stone to complement the stones in a cluster ring.

The Meaning Is What Matters

The most important feature of a promise ring is its significance. Whether the ring is a diamond encrusted platinum band or a copper curtain ring, the meaning is the same. Buying promise rings for the men in their lives is a great way for women to promise their devotion, fidelity, and love, regardless of the style.

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