Palladium Engagement Ring

Palladium engagement ring on woman's finger
Simple palladium ring.

Palladium engagement rings are increasing in popularity. The pure, bright white of the precious metal shows diamonds and other precious gemstones off to great effect.

Buying an engagement ring is a very special experience. The ring will be cherished forever as a symbol of your love. Engagement rings are available in a variety of precious metals, with platinum widely regarded as being the most precious of metals. Palladium is part of the platinum family and shares many of the qualities of platinum, however it is less expensive. Palladium falls between gold and platinum in price, making it an interesting option.

Deciding what precious metal you wish your ring to be is an important part of the buying process. As the stone, however, is the feature that brings the ring sparkle and life, this is often the point that people focus on. The importance of the metal shouldn't get over looked. The metal that forms the ring and holds the stone in place is what shows the stone off to its best advantage.

About Palladium

Palladium is a precious metal that is becoming increasingly popular with jewelry designers. Palladium used in jewelry is 95 percent pure and will be stamped accordingly. It has a number of features which makes it an attractive option when looking for engagement rings.


The silver white color of palladium is bright and pure. Palladium, unlike some white golds, does not require dipping or plating. Some alloys of white gold can be an off white color which is known as 'straw white' and this is often rhodium-plated to improve appearance. The bright white of palladium enhances the sparkle and shine of precious stones of all types.


Palladium does not react with oxygen. This means that it will not tarnish like silver or gold. This is particularly useful when looking at elaborate or intricate designs that might be difficult to clean or polish.


Palladium is 95 percent pure. Due to the purity of the metal, it is considered hypoallergenic and is resistant to skin irritations and allergies.

Artisan Jewelers

Palladium has a much lower melting point than platinum. The lower melting point means that artisan jewelers and designers can work with it without the need of special equipment. For the couple looking for unique or unusual designs, this increases the opportunity of finding something a little different.


The cost of palladium falls between gold and platinum. Palladium is not as widely available as gold and therefore the cost is likely to remain at a premium. However, because of the fact that the cost is significantly less than platinum, couples might feel that palladium rings are worth considering.

Palladium Engagement Ring Mountings

An alternative to an engagement ring made completely from palladium is to consider a ring which is formed from a palladium mounting combined with another metal shank or band.

White metals are an attractive choice for engagement ring mountings. The bright white color of the palladium mounting enhances the sparkle of diamonds. Being a dense metal, it is hard wearing and will protect the stones for many years to come.

Combining a palladium mounting with a shank or band of other metals also means that people who enjoy the warm gold color of yellow gold, or are seeking a ring more traditional in style, can own a ring which combines the best features of the different metals.

Interesting designs can include combining different colors and metals. For instance a pink and gold palladium engagement ring design might include a palladium band with accents of rose gold set with pink sapphires.

Where to Buy Your Palladium Engagement Ring

Palladium rings can be purchased from most large jewelers. Many artisan jewelers can make a ring to your specification using palladium or a mix of metals. There are a number of stores online that offer a good selection of rings and these are always worth considering.

Other White Precious Metals

Palladium engagement ring in showroom display
Palladium is bright white and luxurious.

White precious metals are an attractive option for engagement rings and can bring a contemporary touch to traditional engagement ring designs. The bright white of some precious metals can provide an especially stunning setting for diamonds. There are many other types of while precious metal that you might wish to consider, including silver, white gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten.

Palladium engagement rings are relative newcomers to mainstream engagement ring designs, but the durable, bright white metal is an attractive and unique alternative to more commonplace choices, perfect for the couple interested in a fine ring with individual flair.

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