Meanings of Gemstones

Know the Meanings of Your Favorite Gems

If you're considering a favorite gem for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or other piece of jewelry, it's fun to learn a bit about its traditional meaning. In addition to their captivating beauty, many gems carry a symbolic significance that could factor into your jewelry choices.

Amethyst: Calmness and Sobriety

Popular for its bright purple color, affordable price, and status as the official February birthstone, amethyst signifies calmness. According to GemSelect, it helps people get in touch with their feelings. It also symbolizes sobriety.

Aquamarine: Faithfulness and Friendship

The icy blue color of aquamarine is captivating, so it's no reason it's a popular choice in jewelry. This beautiful gem symbolizes faithfulness, open communication, and friendship, according to Birthday Gems. Aquamarine can also signify courage and quick thinking in a crisis. It is the official birthstone of March,

Citrine: Self-Esteem and Openness

Citrine, a golden yellow gemstone popular for its warm tones, affordability, and status as November's birthstone, is also the gem of open-mindedness. According to Enchanted Auras, it can increase money, luck, and healing as well as offer protection.

Diamond: Enduring Love

The traditional choice for wedding and engagement jewelry, as well as the official birthstone of April, the diamond comes with a great deal of symbolism. This gem signifies strong, enduring relationships, mental and emotional clarity, and balanced thinking, according to Birthday Gems.

Emerald: Fertility and Rebirth

The deep, captivating green of the emerald has made it a favorite gemstone for centuries, and it is also the official birthstone of May. This beautiful gem symbolizes rebirth, fertility, love, and springtime, according to Gemvara. Some ancient cultures also associated emeralds with eternal youth.

Garnet: Sacrifice and Protection

Although they come in a variety of colors, garnet jewelry most often features the deep purple-red tone most people associate with this gem. The official birthstone of January, the garnet signifies protection, sacrifice, and an antidote for depression, according to Jewels for Me. It also symbolizes the reunion of lovers who have been separated.

Opal: Inspiration in Love

Opal, the fiery and luminous birthstone of October, makes a beautiful choice in many different types of jewelry. According to Jewels for Me, this stunning gemstone symbolizes fidelity and assurance. Ancient people also associated the opal with wishes coming true.

Pearl: Perfection and Femininity

The official birthstone of the month of June, the pearl has a long history in the world of jewelry. This luminous gem symbolizes the moon, feminine beauty, and ultimate perfection, according to Gemvara. It also stands for religious creation.

Peridot: Luck and Wealth

Peridot is the birthstone of August, and it's also a beautiful choice for any type of jewelry. Famous for its brilliant yellow-green color, peridot symbolizes money, good luck, and power, according to Jewelry Notes. Some feel it also offers protection against bad dreams and envy.

Ruby: Peace and Love

In addition to being the birthstone for the month of July, the ruby is a popular choice in engagement rings, wedding bands, and all types of jewelry. Its brilliant red color makes it a favorite, and its association with peace, power, and love makes it a meaningful choice for romantic jewelry. In fact, according to Enchanted Auras, the ruby is the most powerful of all the gemstones.

Sapphire: Commitment and Truth

The September birthstone, sapphire, comes in a wide variety of shades, but the most common is a deep blue. It's a popular choice for engagement rings and other types of jewelry. According to Crystal Vaults, sapphires stand for commitment, love, loyalty, and honesty.

Topaz: Protection and Strength

Topaz, the birthstone of December, makes a beautiful choice in engagement rings and other jewelry. It comes in a variety of colors, but blue is the most popular. According to Gemvara, ancient people believed topaz had the ability to dispel enchantments. It's also associated with protection and personal strength.

Choosing the perfect gemstone for your piece of jewelry is about more than simply picking your favorite color or birthstone. The meaning associated with the gem can lend even more significance to your choice.

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Meanings of Gemstones