Matching Wedding Bands

Matching bands

When a couple is planning to share their lives together, having wedding bands that match is a wonderful way to symbolize that commitment. There are many options to consider when it comes to wedding bands, so choose something that you both will enjoy wearing and that holds a special sentiment for each of you.

Ways to Match Wedding Bands

Matching rings don't necessarily mean that the rings need be precise replicas of each other. They can also match because they are complementary or have drawn inspiration from a common source.

When buying matching bands, there are many considerations to take into account. Think about your budget, any concerns with wearing the ring to work as well as preferences to metal and specific designs. Once you have an idea of what type of ring want, the choices are endless.

Besides matching the ring to the same type of metal whether it be white gold, yellow gold, silver or even titanium, there are other ways to match a wedding ring such as:

Engraved rings
  • Engraving: Engraving the inside of the ring with the couple's initials and wedding date or a special message or sentiment.
  • Matching stones: Using stones in both rings that match one another is another option to consider. Besides diamonds, there are other stones that can be placed into a wedding ring. Couples may wish to use their birthstones or a stone that is special to them both.
  • Symbol or pattern: Incorporating a special design into each ring such as a symbol or a unique pattern. This can easily be done if you are having rings custom made.

Unique Matching Styles

Since most couples go with routine bands, which are usually either yellow or white gold with not much decoration on them, you can really get noticed by choosing a unique style that sets you apart from all others.

Textured Bands

Textured bands

While most wedding bands can be engraved on the inside, textured bands are molded in such a way to make them look like they are engraved on the outside. These bands are also referred to as carved or etched bands. Textured bands can be found online at:

  • Jewelry Vortex has matching textured bands in a variety of styles, including braids, checked patterns and waves. They are available in both yellow and white gold.
  • GoldenMine has a set of 14K white gold designer textured bands that have a rope texture along the top and bottom of each band.

Diamond Bands

Although they may not be right for every couple, there styles of diamond wedding bands appropriate for either gender available.

  • World Jewels has a wide variety of his and her diamond bands. The rings can be done in 14K gold, 18K gold or platinum. This set features four diamonds set on a diagonal in the center of the bands.
  • Appealing Wedding Bands has Matte Finish His And Hers 14K Gold Diamond Wedding Rings. These comfort fit rings feature a small diamond in the center of each matte band.

Patterned Bands

Pattern bands

These bands differ from their textured counterparts because instead of being molded into a specific shape, the bands are smooth with the pattern in the metal itself. Often, patterned bands contain a mixture of two metals to create a stark color contrast.

  • Titanium Jewelry features Timoku rings that are a mixture of black and grey titanium, which creates a swirl effect on the finished product. It is meant to resemble the rings on a tree.
  • The Wedding Band Company has Diamond Cut Zigzag Wedding Bands for both men and women. These ring are available in various finishes and in your choice of 14K and 18K white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum and palladium

Claddagh Bands

Claddagh wedding rings feature two hands clasping the outside of a heart. The heart wears a crown to symbolize loyalty and friendship. The heart itself, of course, symbolizes love. These rings, which are of Celtic origin, are certainly unique and perfect if you or your spouse has roots in the Celtic heritage. If wearing a Claddagh as a wedding band, be sure to wear it with the crown nearest the knuckle.

Find Claddagh bands online at sites such as:

  • The Viridian Gold Jewelry Store in both men's and women's versions. You can also get textured Claddagh bands, which feature the Celtic knot.
  • Glencara features a wide assortment of rings for both men and women. Browse through the large selection to find the style that works best for you.

Custom Bands

You can't get more unique than custom wedding bands, which is an option many couples consider. You can either bring a picture of what you're looking for to the jeweler or simply tell a designer what you would like your ring to represent and have the person come up with your rings' look for you. Just be careful when trying to put together a set -- keep in mind the design has to work equally well for both the man and the woman. There are many places that offer custom bands. A few examples include:

  • Green Lake Jewelry: Browse designs, share your ideas or sketches, and work with a designer at Green Lake Jewelry to come up with a set of matching rings. Rings are handmade and available in many different metals, finishes, and design styles.
  • Sorella Jewelry has the option of modifying one of their existing pieces for a personalized look, or creating an entirely custom design for your bands.
  • Sun Jewelry offers a wide selection of custom ring styles, many of which are simple but beautiful designs suitable for men's and women's bands.

Symbol of Love and Commitment

Buying matching wedding bands will be one of the first major purchases a soon-to-be married couple will make. While it won't be the last, it will certainly be one of the most significant and should provide an everlasting symbol of love and commitment.

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