Magnetic Engagement Announcements

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Magnetic engagement announcements are a unique and practical way for couples to share their happy news with family members and friends.

Why Magnets?

When most couples think of engagement announcements, they think of newspaper clippings or elaborately printed cards with romantic sentiments. Magnetic announcements, however, are a fun and useful alternative to traditional formats. Many magnets can be highly customized, and there is a range of sizes, shapes, and designs for couples to choose from. Magnets can be placed prominently on refrigerators, filing cabinets, or other metal surfaces where they will not be lost or forgotten, which can be useful if the magnets are also used as save-the-date cards or other wedding-related reminders.

Types of Magnets

There are many types of magnetic engagement announcements that couples can choose from, whether they are personalized magnets or novelty items.

Personalized Announcements

Personalized magnets are the most popular type used for engagement announcements. These designs typically range from 1.5 to 4 inches per side and are generally rectangular, though specialty manufacturers may offer single or double heart shapes, ovals, squares, or circles as well. Ways to customize these magnets include:

  • Choice of horizontal or vertical format
  • Different fonts or colors
  • Including one or more engagement pictures
  • Opting for black and white or full color magnets
  • Adding wedding-related graphics such as hearts, flowers, bells, or other icons
  • Choosing graphics to relate to the upcoming nuptials, such as palm trees for a tropical wedding
  • Adding borders or choosing a magnetic frame format
  • Adding monograms, the wedding date, or other customized information

The exact customization available depends on the options offered by the manufacturer, though many retailers offer a wide selection of basic designs as well as deluxe options to choose from.

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Novelty Magnets

If couples aren't interested in fully customized magnets, they may choose a simple magnet to accompany a more traditional printed announcement. A simple heart, rose, initial, or wedding-related shape can be used as a fun magnet, particularly if it coordinates with the theme of the engagement announcement or upcoming wedding. Sentimental magnets may have words such as "love," "peace," "harmony," or "always" printed on them, or couples could use magnetic poetry phrases to create their own sentiments to share.

Using Magnetic Engagement Announcements

Many couples use customized magnets as more than just engagement announcements. Depending on how the magnet is personalized, it could serve many purposes including:

  • Save-the-date cards that announce the wedding date
  • Sharing engagement pictures
  • Doubling as an engagement party invitation
  • Sharing a wedding website URL
  • Spreading the word about other wedding information, such as a location or theme

Where to Find Magnets

Many business supply stores offer customized magnets that can be printed as announcements, or couples can investigate specialized retailers who offer magnetic engagement announcements. Online retailers for magnets and supplies include:

Prices for customized magnets vary from less than fifty cents to several dollars each, depending on the size, degree of customization, shape, and other factors. Most retailers require minimum quantity orders for customized products, though the minimums vary widely. For elaborate magnets, couples may want to request a proof or sample before an entire order is printed to ensure the final printed magnet is accurate and attractive.

Printing Your Own

Specialty magnetic paper is available for couples interested in printing their own magnetic engagement announcements. Before printing large quantities, couples should test a small sample for alignment, color purity, readability, and general appearance to avoid wasting expensive specialty paper. Magnetic paper is available to suit many types of printers, and some sheets are perforated into business card shapes for easy sizing.

Sending Magnetic Announcements

Small, thin magnets can typically be mailed without additional postage if they are not enclosed in a heavy card. Special magnet holders are available to attractively display magnetic announcements without adding too much bulk or weight to an envelope, but when in doubt couples should take a complete announcement envelope to the post office for weight and postage verification. Thick or bulky magnets may require special envelopes or other unique handling to be mailed safely.

Magnetic engagement announcements are a practical and unusual option for couples to spread the word about their happy commitment. With a wide range of sizes and styles available to suit any budget, couples can customize magnets to show just how strong their mutual attraction is.

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