Promise Ring Options

Posey Ring
Engraved posey rings are perfect for a promise.

Promise rings are a romantic way to express love and commitment. The rings make special gifts for a couple just beginning an exclusive relationship or a married couple sharing an anniversary.

Types of Promise Rings

Many types of promise rings are available to fit any person's taste. Traditional styles, historic poesy rings and religious promise rings are among the many options.

Traditional Promise Rings

Traditional promise rings are usually small tokens of love and significantly less expensive than an engagement ring. Classic and modern styles are available. Promise ring designs include:

  • Double hearts
  • Single heart with a diamond
  • Sterling silver band with an artistic design
  • Heart-shaped gemstone
  • Intersecting hearts in white and yellow gold

Sometimes small diamond solitaires are sold as promise rings, but diamond solitaire promise rings are not recommended unless a man is proposing. It could be confusing.

Poesy rings

Poesy rings feature an engraving of a poem or short statement of love and loyalty. The words are printed inside the ring so that it is worn against the skin. The idea is that when words of love touch the skin, they have power. The rings have origins in ancient Egypt but were most popular in Europe during the middle ages. Poesy rings or engraved promise rings are traditionally exchanged between men and women as promise rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands. Poesy rings are traditionally metal bands engraved with words on the inside and a decorative design on the outside. Many of the traditional rings come from all over the world and have an interesting history. The rings are available as replicas of historic rings and modern artistic versions. Poesy rings come in the following styles:

  • English: Engravings include "All I refuse and thee I choose"
  • Gaelic: Sayings include "Anam Cara" (Soul Friend)
  • Hebrew: Poems include "I am my beloved's and my beloved is Mine"
  • French: Inscriptions include "J'aime et J'espere" (I love and I hope)
  • Spanish: Sayings include "No tengo mas que darte" (I have nothing more to give you)
  • Italian: Engravings include "il mio cuore et il tuo per sempre" (My heart is yours forever)

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh Ring
Sterling silver claddagh ring

Claddagh rings are traditional Irish rings that symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. The heart symbolizes love, the hands stands for friendship, and the crown represents loyalty. The rings are exchanged between sweethearts, friends, and family. Many people also use the ring as an engagement ring or wedding band.The ring was created over 300 years ago by an Irishman named Richard Joyce from the fishing village of claddagh in Galway, Ireland. Joyce made the ring for his sweetheart when they were separated after he was captured by Algerian pirates and apprenticed to a Moorish goldsmith. Years later when Joyce returned as a free man and a goldsmith, he used the ring as a wedding band for his sweetheart who had loyally waited for his return.

When a claddagh ring is used as a promise ring, it should be placed on the ring finger of the left hand with the tip of the heart pointing inward or toward the wearer's heart.

Religious Promise Rings

Christian promise rings will have a special meaning to spiritual couples. Ring designs include:

  • Heart and cross
  • Biblical inscriptions
  • Engraving of the word "love" with a cross

Where to Buy Promise Rings

Local and online retailers carry love promise rings. The internet has a large selection of poesy rings and unique promise rings. In fact, online retailers often sell promise rings at discount prices.Online retailers that carry promise rings include:

  • Heavenly Treasures: The site offers a large selection of poesy rings, traditional promise rings, and Christian promise rings. Many of the Christian promise rings feature heart and cross designs.
  • Zales: Zales sells traditional promise rings. Many of the designs include hearts and diamonds in both yellow and white gold.
  • Eve's Addiction: Eve's Addiction offers modern-looking stainless steel rings with many traditional poesy verses.
  • Limoges Jewelry: The site sells personalized promise rings in the form of couples' rings. For example, a ring may have two hearts and the couple's birthstones.
  • HG Diamond Rings: HG Diamonds offers a number of traditional promise rings.
  • Jewel Basket: The Jewel Basket provides a number of traditional yellow and white gold promise rings. Some feature small diamond designs and both single and double heart styles are available.
  • James Avery Jewelry: Jewelry artist James Avery has a number of unique interpretations of modern, traditional, and Christian promise rings.
  • Emitations: Emitations sells many modern promise rings at discount prices, including celebrity replica rings.

Options for All

With all the varieties of promise rings available, any couple can find something special. .

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