Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

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Lab created diamonds are not sythetic.

Lab created diamond engagement rings are a good choice for the bride concerned with the ethics of mining for a "real" diamond. They are made of the same material as diamonds found in nature, but the process to create them is sped up considerably. Note that a lab diamond is not the same as cubic zirconium, which simply looks like a diamond but has a completely different makeup.

How Traditional Diamonds Are Created

Traditional diamonds are formed from carbon resting deep within the surface of the Earth. The heat and pressure causes the crystalline structure to form. Volcanic activity brings them to a place where we can mine them from the rock.

How Lab Diamonds Are Created

Scientists can use one of two processes to create a diamond in a laboratory setting. They can use High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD). To make HPHT diamonds, scientists confine the carbon material between heavy metal presses and then heat it using either hot oil or electrical current. The combination of both of these forces creates the glittery stone.

To make CVP diamonds, scientists use both heat and a chemical substance meant to trigger a reaction from a base of hydrocarbon base. They pump gases, such as methane and hydrogen, into a metal chamber where the gas resides to encourage crystalline growth. Great care is taken to ensure the optimum amount of each gas is used so the diamond remains pure.

You're more likely to see HPHT diamonds since they are easier to mass produce. The HPHT process is also considerably less expensive.

Buying Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Before shopping for lab created diamond engagement rings, think about whether your future fiancée would be happy about getting one. Some people just want the "real thing" instead of a substitute, even if it looks the same and acts the same. If you decide a lab diamond is right for your fiancée, you have lots of shopping options. While you may have trouble finding lab diamonds in jewelry stores, you'll have no trouble if you look on the Web.

  • Diamond Nexus Labs is a great place to shop. You have your choice of solitaires, three stone rings as well as vintage inspired designs.
  • Brilliant Earth is another retailer that has a lot of options available. You can choose from 18 different settings of diamond solitaire. This lab even makes colored stones, such as the popular pink diamond.
  • is a third place to look for rings with lab created stones. The selection tends to change frequently, so if you see the ring you want, be sure to order it sooner rather than later.

Lab Diamond Concerns

When people talk about lab created diamonds, they often have the same concerns. They wonder if the quality, cut and clarity of these gems will be up to their standards. The truth is that a diamond created in a lab will be just as strong and brilliant as one created by Mother Nature. In fact, most jewelers cannot tell a lab diamond from a traditional diamond, even when looking at it closely. Even diamond king De Beers has gotten into the business of creating these stones, if solely for research purposes. Just like any other diamond, you should shop around. Each stone will vary and you want to make sure you get the one that will make your true love smile from ear to ear.

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