Ideas for Engraving Wedding Rings

Engraved wedding bands

Engraving adds a sentimental touch to an engagement ring or wedding band. There are many ideas for engraving wedding rings that couples can choose from to make a romantic, bold, or humorous statement that will last till death do they part.

Popular Ideas for Engraving Wedding Rings

Engraving is a popular way for couples to personalize their wedding rings, and there are many different types of sentiments that can be inscribed on rings depending on whether the couple is interested in a simple romantic note, a funny, quirky engraving, or a sentimental inscription.


Romantic engravings are the most popular choice for soon-to-be newlyweds. Romantic choices may reference the marital commitment, serve as a reminder of the wedding vows, or simply convey the love of the relationship. Popular engravings include:

  • Together Forever
  • Eternally
  • To Infinity
  • Yours Always
  • Happily Ever After
engraved bridal set
  • Worth the Wait
  • Till Death
  • From This Day Forward
  • To Have and To Hold
  • I Love You
  • Love
  • United
  • Love, Honor, Cherish
  • My True Love
  • I Do
  • Kiss


Sentimental ideas for engraving wedding rings may include romantic notions but can also be significant dates, phrases, or other words meaningful to the couple. Sentimental engraving options include:

  • Amen
  • A favorite Bible verse or reference number
  • Remember
  • Soulmates
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Dates, including the wedding date, proposal date, or first kiss date
  • Claddagh symbols or crosses
  • Two Friends Become One
  • Yours
  • Initials of the couple


Humorous inscriptions can be fun and unique ring engraving ideas for couples who don't take life's foibles too seriously. While a joke may not be appropriate for such a romantic ring, some humorous options can be just as meaningful as romantic or sentimental engraving ideas. Funny inscriptions might include:

  • Taken
  • His and Hers in the appropriate wedding rings
  • Put It Back On
  • Nonrefundable
  • Cute nicknames the couple uses
  • Gotcha
  • Resistance is Futile
  • Mine
  • XOXOXO (Hugs and Kisses)

Long Inscriptions

Wide band rings may be able to have longer inscriptions than just the few words that most bands can comfortably fit. Some jewelers may even offer two lines of text for the widest rings, giving couples the option to choose much lengthier sayings and phrases. An entire sentence, song lyric, or Bible quote could be used as a longer inscription, though more detailed engravings can be more expensive and harder to decipher.

Unique Engraving Ideas

Finding unusual and unique ideas for engravings can be quite a challenge. However, with a bit of thought finding alternatives to the traditional ideas can be fun and interesting. Some unique ideas include:

  • Using symbols instead of letters
  • Having the fingerprint of your future spouse engraved in the ring
  • Capturing shared interests with graphics (such as music notes for a couple who are music lovers)
  • Writing a numerical code
  • Translating a traditional phrase into another language
  • Picking a symbol and having it engraved over the two rings. The symbol only becomes clear when the two rings are held together and makes the engraving extremely special.

Couples could also consider something uniquely meaningful to their relationship. For example, if your first date was at a football or baseball game, engrave the score from the game into the rings. A couple who met online might get each other's screen name or email address engraved in the ring. A couple that frequents movies might get an engraving related to their favorite seats, such as: "Two seats, 3rd row, forever." Consider something that speaks to your personal relationship but that is also equally meaningful and special to both people.

Original Sayings and Words

Couples can have anything they desire engraved on a ring. For something unique, consider the following:

  • Private nicknames
  • A risqué poem
  • An inside joke
  • Where you met or were proposed to
  • Title of your wedding song

Unique Positions for Engraving

Variations on the traditional theme of ring engraving can be made by simply altering the positioning of the engraving. Some unique positions for engraving are:

  • Edges of the ring: Have the engraving sit on the sides of the ring rather than on the inside.
  • Top surface: A wide ring will allow text to flow around it, perhaps even scrolling around more than one line.

Cost of Engraving

engraved wedding bands

Keep in mind that the cost of engraving your ring can vary tremendously. Depending on the type of script, the length of the word or phrase and the size of the lettering. Capital letters may cost more than lower case and script may cost more than block lettering. The average range per letter is approximately four to eight dollars, so plan on adding in this extra cost ahead of time.

Engraving Tips

When choosing an inscription idea, follow these tips to help ensure your engraving is a success:

  • Select one that will be as timeless as the romance it represents. A quote from a movie popular the year of the wedding may seem appropriate at the time, but in a few years it may be cliché or misunderstood.
  • Print clearly and double check spelling and spacing for clarity when filling out the engraving order sheet.
  • Allow extra time for the engraving process in case of delays or errors.
  • Opt for thicker, clearer fonts and deeper engravings if possible, because very fine engraving may eventually be worn away.
  • Discuss the type of engraving that you each would like on your ring, or select the engraving wording together. Working on the engraving together can help you both choose the most meaningful wording for your wedding rings.

There are many ideas for engraving wedding rings to choose from as your special day approaches. With some careful consideration about the type of engraving and the appropriateness of the inscription, immortalize a few words that delicately capture the essence of romance that the wedding rings represent.

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