Ideas for Engagement Party Invitation Wording


Engagement party invitation wording sets the tone for your party. There are many traditional and modern invitation formats. Sometimes it is difficult to think of the right words to use, but learning about invitation wording and seeing examples can make party planning easier.

Five Wording Ideas for Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement parties range in tone from formal to casual. Use these wording samples to help you select the right wording style for your event.

Traditional Wording

Traditional party invitation wording often uses formal phrases, the title of the hosts and the full name of the engaged couple.

An example of traditional invitation wording:

Dr. and Mrs. Clayton Baxter cordially invite you to a dinner party to celebrate the engagement of their daughter, Amanda Lynn, to David Allen Lynch on Saturday, April 6, at 5:00 pm at the Willow Tree Restaurant, 15 Wilson Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin (RSVP details follow)

Modern Wording

Modern party invitation wording is often semi-formal or casual. Friends of parents who throw an engagement party may opt for semi-formal phrases. A friend, who is a peer of the couple, may choose more casual wording, especially if the party in for other friends who are the same age as the couple.

An example of semi-formal invitation wording:

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kelly invite you to an engagement party for Tara Williams and Scott Miller on Sunday, March 3, at 2:00 pm at the Kelly Home 4287 Lakeview, Ann Arbor, MI (RSVP details follow)

Casual Wording

A friend, who is a peer of the couple, may choose more casual wording, especially if the party in for other friends who are the same age as the couple.

Two examples of casual invitation wording include:

  • Billy and Carol are engaged! Come toast the couple with us on May 6 at 7:00 pm Rose's Tavern 1340 15th Street, New York, NY (RSVP details follow)
  • We're getting married! Join us for an engagement party celebration on Saturday, February 9 at the Brown's 325 Greenville, Los Angeles, CA (Regrets only details follow)
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Engagement Party Invitation Examples

Themed Wording

For those that opt for a themed party to celebrate their engagement, you need to ensure that wording reflects that clearly, so that guests know exactly what to expect beforehand. Whether you decide on a luau, costume, Hollywood film characters or a celebrity theme, the wording should brief and fun.

An example of themed invitation wording:

Take a dive (in the pool that is) and come celebrate the engagement of John and Mary at a luau extravaganza on May 12 at 6:00 pm 3616 Rose Court Dr., Miami, Florida (RSVP details follow)

Surprise Engagement Party Wording

Sometimes an engagement party is thrown as a surprise for the happy couple, so the invitations should state that explicitly to avoid the surprise being spoiled before the party occurs.

An example of surprse invitation wording:

There's an engagement party planned and you're invited to show, but shhh...don't tell the happy couple because they don't know. Join us in celebrating Keith and Amy September 7 at 5:30pm The Crystal Ballroom 4623 Triumph Lane Seattle, Washington (RSVP details follow)

Details in Every Engagement Invitation

Party invitation wording has endless possibilities. However, there are certain elements that must go in every invitation. Every invitation should include:

  • The names of the engaged couple
  • The names of the hosts
  • Date of the party
  • Location of the party
  • RSVP information

Some party invitations also include information about where the engaged couple is registered for gifts. While etiquette recommends against any mention of gift purchases on invitations, people still commonly include gift registry information in many party invitations. If a couple does not want gifts for their engagement party or prefers guests to make a donation to a special cause in their names, these instructions can also be noted in the invitation.

Engagement Party Invitation Wording Considerations

When you are deciding how to word an engagement party invitation, consider the following:

  • Taste of the couple: Consider the taste of the couple when planning the engagement party and party invitation. Plan the party and invitation style based upon the couple's interests.
  • Host of the party: Appropriate wording also depends upon who hosts the engagement party. Parties hosted by parents tend to use traditional wording. When the couple hosts their own engagement party, the invitation wording may be more casual.

Wording Examples by Host

Party Hosted by Parents

When parents plan an engagement party, traditional wording is often used, such as:

Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis request the pleasure of your company at a dinner party to celebrate their daughter, Cara's, engagement to Kyle Johnson on May 10 at 6:15 pm at the Lansdowne Restaurant 131 E. Jefferson Grosse Pointe, Michigan. RSVP requested.

Party Hosted by the Parents' Friends

Sometimes family friends host an engagement party. For instance:

Mrs. Helen Martin invites you to celebrate the engagement of Amy Brown and Kevin Campbell on Saturday, August 13th at 3:00pm at The Celtic Rose Restaurant, 22 Ashby Road Santa Monica, CA. RSVP.

Party Hosted by the Couple's Friends

A friend who is close in age to the couple may also host an engagement party. These invitations may be casual or formal. Sample invitation wording includes:

Kathy and Michael are tying the knot! Join us to celebrate over cocktails on Friday, October 5 at 7:00 pm The Kelly's Bar & Grill 1320 Miller Chicago, IL Regrets only, call Rachel Milton.

Party Hosted by the Couple

A couple sometimes hosts their own engagement party. Example wording might be:

We invite you to celebrate our engagement. Join us for an engagement party on Saturday, February 14 at 6:00pm at the home of Bill and Rhonda Lewis 4213 Birch Lane Madison, Wisconsin. RSVP.

Endless Possibilities

After researching possible ideas for engagement party invitation wording, you should have plenty of inspiration for your invitation. Create an invitation that reflects the tone, theme, and level of formality of the party and ensure the important details are included for the perfect invite.

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