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Heart shaped engagement rings combine the elegance of an engagement ring with the symbolism and romance of a heart resulting in a meaningful and cherished piece of jewelry. For many couples, a heart shaped diamond ring with elegant side stone accents is the perfect choice. With variety in heart shaped stones as well as intricate metal heart designs, there is a heart shaped ring suitable for every couple, no matter what their tastes and budget.

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heart shaped ring
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Heart Engagement Ring

This ring features a heart-shaped diamond in a halo setting with a tapered shank featuring round diamonds extending down the bands. The tapering bring focus to the main diamond in the ring, in this simple yet sophisticated design.

floating heart solitaire
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Floating Heart

A single diamond floating in an open heart shape is an elegant and simple engagement ring. Many designs feature a plain band, but a twisted shank with channel set round diamonds is a modern and symbolic take on this design.

journey heart shaped ring
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Journey Diamond Rings

An engagement ring doesn't have to have just one central diamond, and a journey diamond ring has the added significance of symbolizing the couple's ongoing, enduring relationship coupled with the romantic heart shape.

heart in halo setting
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Halo Hearts

This lovely halo surrounding a heart shape with clustered diamond, makes for a lovely engagement ring. The ring band also has round diamonds, and the set comes with a band. All together, the set shines brilliantly.

double heart with garnets
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Double Hearts

A double heart engagement ring shows both hearts that make up the couple's relationship. Heart-shaped stones are popular for these designs, and couples can choose rubies, emeralds, or other gemstones instead of diamonds for a burst of color and personal flair.

aquamarine heart ring
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Colored Gemstones

Couples may choose a colored heart shaped gemstone as the central focus of the engagement ring instead of a diamond. Diamonds can be hard to find as heart shapes in larger carat weights, but gemstones are a more affordable and more readily available option that is just as lovely and meaningful.

Two tone heart ring
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Two Tone Heart

A two tone heart shaped ring has a bit of unique femininity and romance. Two tone engagement rings are particularly popular, look elegant, and are sure to go with anything for years to come.

Claddagh ring
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Claddagh Rings

A heart shaped engagement ring does not need to have a diamond or any gemstone. A Claddagh ring is symbolic of love, loyalty, and fidelity, and these designs are popular for meaningful engagement rings. If a couple does want a gemstone in the ring, a heart shaped diamond or other gem can be substituted for the metal heart.

pearl ring with heart accents
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Heart Accents

Add heart shaped accents to a more classically designed engagement ring is a great way to bring a bit of romance to the engagement ring setting. Whether the central stone is a pearl, diamond, or other gemstone, the hearts that frame it will always keep love in the engagement.

eternity band with hearts
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Heart Bands

Instead of just one heart shape, a more unique engagement ring may have a line of connected hearts that encircles the finger. This may be created from heart shaped gems or pave heart designs, and can also be a romantic wedding ring style instead of an engagement ring.

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Pave Settings

A pave setting adds extra sparkle and brilliance to any engagement ring. A pave halo setting around a heart draws the eye to the unusual shape of the ring overall. It can also be symbolic of two hearts coming together to become one.

heart ring with accents
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A simple heart ring with small diamond accents is an innocent and sweet engagement ring design. By using colored gemstones and smaller diamonds, this is a more affordable option for many couples, and it is also suitable as a promise ring.

interlocking hearts
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Intertwined Hearts

A band with open intertwined hearts is a romantic and delicate option for an engagement ring. The hearts may be set perpendicular to the band or parallel to it, and they may or may not include diamonds as part of the design.

Heart shaped stacking rings
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No matter which ring design you choose, heart shaped engagement rings are romantic and unique, making them perfect to symbolize a couple's love and commitment to one another. For more information about heart shaped rings and more pictures of ring designs, check out the following pages:

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Heart Shaped Engagement Ring Photos