Rich yellow square-cut diamond
Rich yellow diamonds are highly valuable.

With fancy colored diamonds becoming ever more popular, different companies are creating techniques to culture these exquisite gems and Gemesis is at the forefront of providing stunning orange and yellow diamonds for use in breathtaking jewelry.

About the Company

Gemesis was founded in 1996 by retired U.S. Brigadier General Carter Clark after he was first exposed to the idea of artificial diamond growth for use with electronic applications. The beauty of the gems and their high desirability for jewelry led to the fledgling company exploring how to create colored diamonds at its Florida facility.

Today, the company focuses exclusively on colored gems because they are much more sought after than colorless stones. The gems are provided as bulk lots of raw orange and yellow diamonds to diamond buyers, jewelers, and other retailers, who then cut the stones to create fine jewelry.

How Gemesis Diamonds are Grown

Growing a cultured diamond is not an easy task. Natural diamonds take millennia to form, but a cultured stone can be grown in just a few hours or days in a strictly controlled setting under the appropriate conditions. Gemesis diamonds start with a small diamond "seed" that is placed in a specialized chamber under the right temperature and pressure conditions. A rich source of carbon is added so the gem can "grow" layer by layer. The growth chamber is also infused with nitrogen, which replaces some of the carbon in the gem's crystalline structure and gives it the highly desirable orange or yellow hue. Once the diamond has reached the desired size, it is removed from the growth chamber and is ready to be cut and polished for jewelry use. All diamonds are also independently graded for their quality to ensure that consumers only receive the best stones.

About Cultured Diamonds

Gemesis makes it clear that the diamonds the company provides are "cultured" stones - meaning that they are grown under carefully controlled laboratory conditions but they are, in fact, real diamonds. There is much misconception in the consumer marketplace about whether or not cultured diamonds are real gems, but they do possess all the physical, chemical, and optical properties of natural diamonds. Synthetic and imitation diamonds, on the other hand, are often made of other materials such as crystal, cubic zirconia, or moissanite that look similar to diamond but lack the identical chemistry. The only difference between a cultured diamond and a natural one is where the diamonds grew, and because a cultured gem is grown in such a tightly controlled setting, it may have fewer flaws and inclusions than a natural stone because there are no foreign elements present in the growth chamber.

To reassure consumers about the quality of these cultured stones, not only are they certified, but they are also clearly declared as cultured diamonds so there can be no confusion about whether or not the stone is natural.

Finding Cultured Diamonds

Gemesis does not offer diamond sales to the general public, but numerous jewelers throughout both the United States and Canada are authorized dealers of these exquisite colored diamonds.


While a cultured colored diamond may cost as little as one-fifth the price of a similar natural stone, because these diamonds are richly colored and of superb quality they are still more expensive than many lower quality natural stones. The exact prices vary depending on the retailer, the size and color of the stone, and the type of jewelry it creates.

Yellow and white diamond pendant
Yellow Diamond Pendant

Types of Jewelry

Yellow and orange diamonds are popular stones for many types of diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, pendants, and bracelets. Anyone interested in different types of diamond jewelry using cultured stones can contact authorized jewelers about creating custom pieces that suit their individual preferences.


Gemesis diamonds can be found through the following jewelry designers and retailers:

Additional retailers and updated listings are available on the official company website.

Modern technology can be a beautiful thing, and nowhere is that beauty more pronounced than with Gemesis diamonds. Grown from a single seed into luxurious, high quality gems, these stones are set to usher in a new era of luxury at more affordable prices for consumers interested in stunning colored diamonds.

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