Gay Engagement Rings

Same sex couples often use gay pride rings as highly symbolic engagement rings.

With gay marriage becoming more open throughout the world even though many gay and lesbian couples do not have the option of a legal ceremony, gay engagement rings are still an intimate part of a couple's life commitment. For many gay couples, both partners wear engagement rings to show their connection to each other, and choosing those engagement rings is a significant event because they symbolize that emotional union.

Types of Gay Engagement Rings

There are no limits on the designs for gay engagement rings, and a couple may choose any setting, stone shape, or type of metal they desire. Because many gay couples have only the rings to represent and celebrate their relationship, however, highly symbolic rings are the most desirable. Popular styles gay couples choose include:

  • Celtic Engagement Rings: With multiple layers of meaning woven into intricate knots, Celtic rings are individualized and unique, showing how the couple's lives are intertwined.
  • Claddagh Rings: The highly symbolic nature of these rings focuses on the key elements of any relationship - love, friendship, and fidelity - no matter who is involved.
  • Bands: Many gay couples choose to wear simple bands rather than elaborate engagement rings, and a matching set of bands shows the connection between the couple without elaborate adornments.
  • Birthstone Engagement Rings: Choosing the birthstones of each partner helps distinguish the symbolism of the rings, and many couples also choose to incorporate a stone to signify the wedding date, engagement date, or other important steps in the couple's relationship.
  • Gay Pride Rings: Many niche merchants offer specialized gay pride rings that incorporate same-gender symbols or rainbow gems in different patterns, including channel-set stones or visible engravings.
  • Rainbow Rings: Without choosing a specific gay pride ring, gay couples may choose a ring that can incorporate some rainbow elements in a less obvious manner. Titanium is especially popular because the metal itself can be fashioned into different colors.
  • Three Stone Engagement Rings: By representing the past, present, and future, three stone rings represent the full scope of a gay couple's relationship and commitment, making them another popular engagement ring choice.

Even though these may be among the most popular choices for gay engagement or commitment rings, many gay couples still choose traditional rings such as solitaires, bridal sets, or contemporary designs. The key is for the couple to select rings they are comfortable with, regardless of any traditional symbolism.

Where to Find Gay Engagement Rings

If a couple is interested in traditional styles of engagement rings, they can visit any jeweler to view different selections. Some jewelers may also offer a limited collection of rainbow items such as birthstone rings or fashion rings, though they are usually not labeled as gay pride items. To purchase specific gay pride jewelry, most couples will need to shop online through specialized merchants who deal in gay and lesbian items.


Before buying such a significant piece of jewelry online, couples should investigate the company through the Better Business Bureau and gay alliance organizations to be sure of their trustworthiness and quality. Carefully note the materials used in the ring - real gems or synthetic diamonds as well as the type of metal. Also verify warrantee and return policies in case the ring does not measure up to the quality expected.

Another option to create gay engagement rings is to investigate designing completely unique rings. Many custom jewelers will build engagement rings from scratch, letting the couple choose whichever stones and designs most appeal to them to represent their relationship.

Exchanging Rings

Ideally, many same sex couples wish to exchange rings in a formal wedding ceremony not only to celebrate the joy and romance of their union, but also to show the world that they are committed to one another. Unfortunately, gay marriages are illegal in many states as well as different countries, so many gay couples opt for simple, symbolic commitment ceremonies to celebrate with family and friends even without legal documents. Nevertheless, engagement rings can be exchanged either privately or publicly, and many gay couples wear such rings for years before they find the means to be wed in a legal ceremony.

First and foremost, an engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, regardless of the respective genders of the couple. Gay engagement rings are just as romantic and meaningful as for straight couples, and many gay couples choose highly symbolic rings to show their love on a deeper level than just an attractive piece of jewelry. By choosing their engagement rings carefully to represent their intimate connection, a gay couple proclaims their love with or without the formal rite of a gay wedding.

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