Games to Play at an Engagement Party


Knowing the right games to play at an engagement party can turn an otherwise uneventful affair into a fun occasion to get to know the bride- and groom-to-be. There are many games that will celebrate the couple's relationship and commitment to one another, and will be entertaining for all attending the party as well.

Ideas for Games to Play at an Engagement Party

There are many types of games perfect for engagement parties. Popular options include:

  • Engaged Couple Trivia Contests: Guests could ask the couple questions about one another to see how well they really know each other, or the couple could ask guests questions to share information about their relationship. Questions such as how the couple met, where they took their first date, when their respective birthdays are, and what their favorite movies, music, or foods are can keep everyone involved and help introduce the couple to all the guests.
  • The About to be Newlyweds Game: This variation on the popular Newlywed Game can be played by just the couple or by all couples at the party. Each couple is asked questions - rating one another's attributes, remembering parts of their relationship, or questioning how well they know each other - and couples whose answers match score extra points.
  • Diamond Ice Carving: Every guest is provided with an ice cube for this chilly game and must carve, melt, or sculpt it into a diamond shape. Another variation is to try to replicate the diamond shape of the bride-to-be's engagement ring.
  • Karaoke Contests: Karaoke is a popular party game, and choosing duets or love songs will add romantic engagement flair to the competition.
  • Wedding Practice: Fast-paced games designed to replicate upcoming wedding events are always popular games to play at an engagement party. A cake cutting contest is one fun option, or couples could race to get dressed in a tuxedo or used wedding gown. For even more laughs, require the bride-to-be to dress in the tuxedo while the groom-to-be must model the wedding dress.
  • Three Legged Race: This may seem like more of a picnic game than a party game, but strapping couples' legs together with wedding garters can help them practice the cooperation they'll need to make it down the aisle.
  • Movie Quotes: Use video clips, recordings, or quotes from romantic scenes that players must correctly identify in order to score. The winner's prize could then be to choose which romantic comedy to watch at the party.
  • Board Games: Couples can pair up to demonstrate if their relationship can last a brutal round of popular board games. More unique twists could be restricting communication to see if the couple understands one another's body language, or to add romantic or matrimonial touches to each game's rules. Consider playing games such as Catch Phrase, where you guess a word based on clues, or The Newlywed Game, where couples guess how their spouse answered a specific question. Both games require creative thinking and are sure to get lots of laughs.
  • Themed Games: If the engagement party has a theme, any related games would be fun and appropriate. A limbo contest for a beach or pool party or gaming tables for a casino themed party are great examples of the variety of games available.

Additional Activities

In addition to structured games, there are other less competitive activities that are perfect for engagement parties. Guests could write their best marital or wedding planning advice in a keepsake journal, or two journals could be written - one for women and one for men. Guests could also share their hilarious horror stories about planning a wedding or being newlyweds along with what those incidents taught them about their significant other and how to have a happy relationship.

Tips for Engagement Party Games

When planning engagement party games, remember:

  • Guests should not be forced to play any game they are not comfortable with. Scorekeepers, judges, and other non-playing roles can help keep everyone involved.
  • Games should be structured to fit all guests. While a marriage-giving advice game may be fun, it isn't appropriate for a guest list composed of single friends.
  • Keep games tasteful and avoid vulgar innuendos and other potentially embarrassing activities.

Make It Memorable

There are many different games to play at an engagement party that can keep the festivities lively, fun, and memorable. From discovering more about the couple to making fun of the challenges of planning a wedding, lighthearted games are a great way to celebrate a couple's impending union.

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