Funny Engagement Gift Ideas

Stopwatch to be given as an engagement gift
Stopwatches are funny gifts for very long or very short engagements.

Funny engagement gifts can be a great choice for fun-loving couples, but gift-givers need to take care that their gifts are happily received. Regardless of the reason for the funny gift, it is important to realize that what may seem funny to the gift-giver may not be funny for the couple or their families. By choosing a gift carefully and giving it with a good heart, every couple is sure to appreciate the well-meant joke.

Funny Engagement Gift Options

There are many different types of funny gifts, and the exact type of humor depends on each individual couple. Some great humorous gift options include:

  • Ball-and-chain gag gifts such as t-shirts, hats, or photo frames
Lucky clover engagement gift
Good luck charms can cause a laugh.
  • Items with "taken" or similar couple's slogans
  • His and hers shirts, towels, mugs, or other items - given to the couple to prove they're committed (give the "his" item to the bride-to-be and the "hers" item to the groom-to-be)
  • Engagement cards with sentiments related to "about time," "finally," or "good luck"
  • Good luck charms
  • Elopement books or brochures for Las Vegas wedding chapels
  • "Naughty" items such as body frosting, padded handcuffs, or novelty contraceptives
  • Humorous wedding and marriage survival books
  • Vitamins, weights, or other items to build a strong, healthy marriage
  • A diamond appraisal kit, prenuptial agreement form, or pregnancy test, "just to be sure"
  • A homemade book of quirky advice from friends and relatives about weddings and marriage

Many other engagement gifts can be funny for the individual couple based on their relationship or the circumstances of their engagement. For example, a couple who had a very long courtship before becoming engaged may laugh at a stopwatch as an engagement gift, or a couple who loves practical jokes may smile at a new joke book. Whatever the case may be, the gift should always be given with a smile and meant for fun, and that fun will lead to a happy and enjoyable engagement.

When Funny Gifts Aren't Funny

There are times when funny engagement gifts may seem appropriate but they actually turn out to be a poor choice, despite the best intentions. One key to remember is that if the humor behind the gift will need to be explained to the couple, the joke may not be as funny as it seems.

If a gift doesn't cause the smiles that were anticipated, the first thing the gift-giver should do is explain to the couple that they didn't meant to tease or insult their relationship or impending nuptials. A sincere apology can go a long way toward assuring a couple that the gift-giver does indeed support their engagement and wish them all the best for a happy marriage. The giver may even want to follow up with a different engagement gift, one that is more appropriate and cannot be misinterpreted. The funny gift may be returned or given back, or the couple may eventually come to see the humorous intent behind the gag.

Choose Carefully

Funny engagement gifts can be a great option for a happy and fun-loving couple, but they should be given carefully to avoid any potential insults or problems. There is much joy in an engagement, and a humorous gift can help express that joy with gales of laughter.

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Funny Engagement Gift Ideas