Expensive Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings can be expensive.

How expensive engagement rings are depends upon a few factors. For example, you have the classic "four C's" to look for, and if perfection is on your list you can expect to open your wallet wide. But what are the other characteristics that influence engagement ring prices? Designers, metals, and diamonds (of course) can take a relatively expensive style of ring and knock it off the charts.

Designers: Expensive Engagement Rings

As with anything else, there's the potential to pay for a name when shopping for engagement rings. Designer rings are often exquisite, but some of the big names in diamond rings will cost you extra money.

  • 'Tacori': Tacori engagement rings are intricate and incredibly beautiful. They're known for their platinum and diamond works of art.
  • 'Cartier': Cartier engagement rings are timeless, somewhat simple designs. If you're looking for a classic expensive engagement ring, look no further than Cartier.
  • 'Hearts on Fire': Hearts on Fire is the name of a type of diamond rather than the ring. A ring boasting a Hearts on Fire diamond, though, is almost guaranteed to fall in the expensive category.
  • 'Mark Schneider Designs': Mark Schneider Designs are available in platinum or gold, unique without being incredibly intricate or gaudy. You can find winding shapes here that you won't find anywhere else.
  • 'Tiffany': Tiffany engagement rings are a favorite of modern gals who love expensive, tasteful jewelry. You can choose from one of the five legendary rings, more traditional styles, or one of the statement rings.
  • 'Harry Winston': Harry Winston engagement rings are classic pieces as well, showing off his love for diamonds.

The Metals

Platinum is by far the most expensive metal you'll have to consider for your engagement ring. It's more rare than the other metals, but it's also very strong and bright, much more so than white gold jewelry.Other metal options are yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. If you're going an untraditional wedding set route, you may even use silver, which can be the least expensive of all but has a lovely vintage appeal.

The Diamonds

Obviously, the bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it is if all other quality measurements are the same. You also have to take color into account when examining expensive engagement rings. All diamonds aren't white, and white diamonds aren't every girl's top pick for their engagement ring. One more thing to consider is the option to add side stones.


If your bride is a little on the untraditional side, she may enjoy a colored diamond. Good for you on scoring an original girl, but your bank account won't be first in line to clap you on the back for finding such a catch. If you're looking for a yellow, pink, blue, or other colored diamond, prepare to pay additional costs for their exceptional rarity.

Side Stones

You can add side stones in whatever size or shape you desire. The size will affect the price, of course, but one thing to keep in mind is this: a total carat of small diamonds sprinkled around the band of the ring will be less expensive than two half-carat diamonds, one on either side of the center stone. You can also go with less expensive stones, such as sapphires, for the side stones for a lovely but more affordable look.

The Leap Between Expensive and Inexpensive

There are little things you can look for in a ring that will make the price jump higher and higher:

  • A fraction of a carat can make a big difference in the cost. Taking the leap an extra tenth of a carat on that center stone can drive the price up more than you might believe. The extra diamond weight isn't always visible to the naked eye.
  • Platinum vs. white gold or silver: Platinum will be more expensive than white gold or sterling silver. They all look almost the same initially, save a few subtle differences.
  • Colored diamonds are rare and will generally cost more than white diamonds.

Don't Forget Insurance

As with any expensive purchase, it's wise to go ahead and buy the insurance. The cost will depend upon the company you choose to purchase the insurance from, as well as the ring's worth and the terms of the insurance policy.

Many things contribute to expensive engagement rings, and some rings can run higher than $50,000. Understanding what makes rings more expensive, however, is the key to choosing one that fits within your budget, no matter how high or low it may be.

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