Engagement Sayings

Sayings can be a good way to announce your engagement.
How to Announce Your Engagement

Engagement sayings can be used in many ways. The availability of a wide variety of different types of words and sayings makes them suitable for both traditional and less conventional engagements.

Words form an important part of an engagement, from the words used to form the proposal, through to words of congratulations and good wishes which come from family and friends. As well as spontaneous words that come direct from the heart, there are many engagement sayings perfect for using in cards or as part of an engagement celebration.

Types of Engagement Sayings

There are many different types of sayings appropriate for the many the different aspects related to getting engaged. This means there is likely to be a perfect saying for a couple whatever their tastes. Types of sayings for engagements include:


Quotations are a good source of sayings for an engagement. They range from thought provoking and sentimental sayings through to funny quotes or witty one liners. Quotations can be great for using in cards or on gift tags. They can also be incorporated into the decorations for an engagement party. Quotations are also often used in speeches and can be a good source of inspiration.

Traditional Sayings

Traditional sayings can be useful for toasts and speeches. There are many different types of traditional saying to choose from sources like different cultures and religions which have a range of sayings and proverbs perfect for an engagement.

Poems and Verses

There are many short engagement poems and verses that are a useful alternative to engagement sayings. There are many different types of engagement poem and they are ideal for adding to engagement cards.

Finding Engagement Words and Sayings

The Internet presents a rich source of sayings for an engagement. An assortment of websites specialize in quotes, poems, verses and proverbs and these can be a great source of inspiration. Some websites that are worth a look include:

  • Best Quotes Sayings - this website has a range of quotes and sayings suitable for an engagement
  • Quote Garden - this is a large website that features quotes on a large number of different subjects including engagement and weddings
  • Inspirational Sayings - this site provides a range of thoughtful and inspirational sayings

How to Pick the Perfect Saying

Picking the right saying or sentiment can be quite a challenge. With so many different types available, the choice can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect saying:

  • Tailor the saying to the occasion. If the engagement is formal and traditional then pick a sentiment that complements this style. A classic quotation or verse may be better suited than a witty one-liner.
  • Steer clear of any inappropriate humor. Many amusing sayings contain references that may offend, therefore consider who the target audience is before picking a saying with a questionable theme.
  • Look for unusual sayings and words. There are many sources of suitable words outside of quotations and verses. Lyrics from songs or words from a book can be a great alternative to traditional sayings.

Write your own sayings. While many sayings are steeped in history or tradition, there is nothing to stop you from creating your own saying and perhaps initiating a special family tradition that will be handed down through the generations.

Whether engagement sayings are being used to write in cards, as a form of toast, inspiration for a speech or any other way, finding the right saying will help add the perfect finishing touch to an engagement.

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Engagement Sayings