Engagement Photo Ideas

Romantic Picnic Portraits


Engagement photos can be done in many different ways. Settings, themes, props, and even time of day can be used creatively to achieve the engagement pictures that reflect your personal relationship.

Picnic portraits are ideal engagement photo ideas because they incorporate romance and yet are lighthearted and fun. For a different take on a standard romantic picnic picture, consider an unusual angle.

Fun Props


Fun props can add a special element to your engagement pictures. Anything that signifies the relationship or is special to you as a couple could be incorporated into the photos.

Urban Backdrop


An urban backdrop is an interesting contrast to some of the more traditional backgrounds that tend to be on the softer or more romantic side. This type of setting might be ideal for a couple who wants a modern look in their engagement photos.

Famous Landmarks


A famous landmark (shown here is a couple at Monument Valley, located in Utah) is another choice for couples. You may choose a famous location that is close to where you live or one that has special meaning for you.

Sweet, Secluded Locations


A secluded location offers a sweet, romantic setting for engagement photos. Old railroad tracks, abandoned warehouses, or fields are examples of places that capture the element of hidden romance.

Love Theme


Utilizing a love theme in your picture shoot can be add a fun, playful element. Heart shaped balloons, plush animals, love signs, or cupid's arrows could be used for this type of cute photo.

City View


If you live in or near a large city, consider a romantic portrait taken with the city as a backdrop. The view is dramatic and yet beautifully captures the love in your relationship as well.

Unusual Natural Settings


Nature offers a wealth of photographic opportunities for couples. Locations that have unique elements such unusual tree or rock formations, streams or lakes, or beautiful foliage can work well for an engagement photo shoot.

Capture Shared Interests


If the two of you enjoy doing certain activities together, capture those shared interests in your engagement pictures. This is a great way to really personalize the photos and reflect your relationship.

Place Where You First Met


Another meaningful photo idea is to have a picture done at the location where the two of you first met - or where you had your first date.

Whimsical Locations


Locations like playgrounds and parks are whimsical, playful, and romantic, making them excellent choices for engagement images. Choose one of your favorite places, perhaps one where you've taken walks or visited as a couple, to add an even deeper level of meaning to the photo.

Romantic Rustic Setting


Some couples might choose a rustic setting. The relaxed atmosphere can provide excellent photo opportunities and is especially ideal for those who grew up in a rural area or who enjoy the country.

Sunset Engagement Portrait


Although a couple may choose to have the majority of their engagement photos taken during the day, a sunset image can be a beautiful choice.

Stair Shots


A set of stairs adds some visual interest to a photo, but is simple enough not to detract from focusing on the couple. Selecting a different angle can also create a more memorable photo.

Window Photos


A portrait done with the couple sitting in the frame of a window is another idea for detail in the photo that won't overwhelm. Since the couple is required to be close together no matter what pose is chosen, a window shot also creates an intimate, romantic tone.

Sentimental Sparklers


Although it might not be right for every couple, using special effects, such as sparklers, can be a fun and unusual way to symbolize the love in the relationship.

Bold and Simple Backdrops


If you like the look of classic engagement photos, but want something a little bit different than a standard studio background, consider a simple but bold outdoor background. A background of a colored concrete wall or simple but colorful storefront might meet your needs.

Nautical Engagement Photos


Engagement portraits might be done in a harbor, on bridge overlooking a bay, or on a boat. A nautical theme can be symbolic for couples, representing trust in 'sailing away' on their new life together.

Whether you select a special time of day or place, incorporate creative props or locations, or choose a unique pose, any engagement photo idea that reflects your relationship and who you are as a couple will be right for you.

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