Email Engagement Announcements

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Email announcements are quick and easy.

Email engagement announcements are a quick and easy way to let friends and family members know about a couple's new commitment, and with today's technologically-oriented society, there are many options for attractive and fun electronic announcements.

Why Use Email?

With the rising cost of postage, email announcements may be financially attractive to many couples. Furthermore, email messages can be sent and received far more quickly than arranging for printed engagement announcements, addressing and stamping every envelope, and waiting for the post office to deliver them. As more families are interconnected through text messages, unlimited cell phone plans, personal webpages, and other instantaneous communication, email announcements are a logical way to use technology to spread the joyous news.

Creating Email Engagement Announcements

Before simply writing "We're Engaged!" and clicking send, a couple needs to consider more details for their email announcements. Important information should be included with the announcement just as if it were printed, such as the full names of both the bride- and groom-to-be, when they got engaged, and when they plan the wedding if that information is available. Precisely what information in included is up to the couple or whomever makes the announcement, but sending more information initially can help prevent a deluge of return emails asking for details. Couples may also want to attach an engagement picture, though it should be noted that sending along a picture just of the engagement ring is considered poor etiquette because it places more emphasis on the shiny trinket than on the relationship it represents.

In addition to knowing what to include in the announcement, there are several technological issues couples need to address when sending email engagement announcements.

  • Limit attachment size for photos so they can easily be viewed by everyone, regardless of their type of computer or internet connection.
  • Double check all email addresses to ensure no one is left out and no messages are misdirected.
  • If using free online cards or announcements, send a copy to yourself as a memento.
  • Keep email addresses separate: use the blind carbon copy (BCC) list so responses are not sent to everyone on the recipient list.
  • Avoid overly graphic designs, attached music, and flash or java designs that can be problematic for different recipients.

Where to Find Announcements

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Email announcements are easy to find or create.

A couple can easily design their own email announcements by crafting a simple message to send to friends and family members, attaching a photo if desired. Another option is to create a webpage with the engagement details - photos, short biographies of the couple, relationship stories, a recounting of the proposal, and any available wedding details - and to email that URL to everyone in lieu of an announcement message. If choosing a webpage, however, the message with the URL should briefly announce the engagement and encourage readers to visit the website for more details, or they may not realize what the website contains.Couples can also choose to create email announcements that are actually virtual cards hosts through an independent service. These announcements typically have a coordinated image, space for text, and customizable features such as text style, color, attached sound, and other details. They may even include animations or personalized photos depending on the service. Some online card services are free but generally offer less variety than paid services that permit greater customization and detail management. While there are many different card services available on the internet, some of the best for creating email engagement announcements include:

  • Evite: Free email cards in a wide range of styles.
  • King Cards: Free animated greeting cards.
  • 123 Greetings: Free greeting cards including romance and wedding categories.
  • Smile Box: Free customizable service including photos, videos, music, and more.
  • Highly customizable service that can send to more than 1,000 recipients.

When Email Isn't Appropriate

Despite the ease and convenience of email engagement announcements, they are not always appropriate. People who are very close to the couple - parents, siblings, best friends, etc. - should be told the happy news personally, either through a meeting or telephone call, or they may feel as if they've been left out of the initial announcement excitement. Furthermore, not everyone may have access to the internet or be comfortable accessing email announcements, and more traditional formats are more appropriate for them. Email announcements should be sent to personal email addresses whenever possible, because the excitement this type of personal news may spark is inappropriate for the workplace. Finally, if the couple plans a very formal wedding with strict adherence to traditional protocols, an email announcement may be too casual and could be considered inappropriate or even offensive.

Email engagement announcements are quick, fun ways to spread the news about an impending marriage, and by understanding how to create a good announcement that avoids technical glitches and is well-received by everyone, a couple can easily share their new status with everyone important to them.

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