Diamond Ring Wraps

Ring wraps can beautifully enhance solitaires.

Diamond ring wraps are a beautiful way to upgrade an engagement ring without losing its sentimentality. Before choosing a wrap, however, couples should be aware of what the different wrap designs are and how they should be worn.

Purpose of a Wrap

Ring wraps serve several purposes. Some act as matching wedding rings, creating a coordinated wedding ring set. Others safeguard the delicate edges of a ring against accidental damage by providing a molded barrier to outside influences. Still others are simply meant to beautify an otherwise simple ring, letting its elegance and symbolism grow just as the couple's relationship grows. Whatever the ultimate purpose behind choosing a wrap, however, the first step toward an integrated look is finding the right wrap style.

Styles of Diamond Ring Wraps

There are several basic styles of diamond ring enhancers, guards, and wraps, and not all of them are suitable for the same ring.

  • Single shank wraps only "wrap" one side of the ring, or they may have extensions that spread to either side of the central stone and add symmetrical accents. These can be worn with accented rings or solitaires.
  • Circumference wraps completely encircle the central diamond, though the wrap's setting is off-center to be sure both bands can nestle securely against one another. These are usually only meant to go with diamond solitaire engagement rings.
  • Dual shank wraps turn one ring into three by adding bands on either side of the original ring, thereby encircling the entire engagement ring design. These are the best option for engagement rings that already feature accent stones because the wrap will not cover any other gems.

The exact shapes of wraps vary, as do their individual details. Popular design features for diamond ring wraps include:

  • Tapered shanks that draw the eye toward the central diamond.
  • Multiple small accent stones to add brilliance and dimension to the enhanced ring.
  • Curves or points as appropriate to mesh well with the original diamond shape.
  • Choice of precious metals to match the original ring, though some women opt for contrasting ring wraps to create a unique two tone diamond ring.

Wearing a Ring Wrap

Diamond ring wraps must be carefully worn to show off their brilliance. First, it is important to choose a wrap that is appropriately sized for the original ring - if the original gem's carat size is too small, it will be dwarfed by too large a wrap, whereas a large diamond may seem ostentatious if combined with a ring enhancer.The wrap's shape must also conform to the original ring. Gently curving wraps are suitable for round diamonds, while pointed wraps are necessary for marquise diamond engagement rings or oval shapes. Few wraps are designed for more unique stone shapes, and individuals with heart shaped diamond engagement rings or figural engagement rings may need to have a wrap customized.

Many women have the diamond ring wrap soldered to the original engagement ring to keep them snug and prevent any accidental twisting or wobbling. If the wrap were snagged on a sharp object, for example, it could severely damage the engagement ring setting it is wrapped around.

If the wrapped ring serves as both the engagement and wedding ring, tradition dictates that the wrap's band, even though it may not be immediately noticeable, should be worn closer to the body. This, however, is a relatively moot point, since most ring wraps are offset to create a uniform ring and the band itself is often overlooked.

Benefits of Wrapping an Engagement Ring


There are many benefits to opting for diamond ring wraps. First, they drastically increase the size appearance of the original ring without needing to reset the stones into a new ring. Wraps are also a more affordable option for wedding rings because they use less metal and fewer stones than most independent diamond wedding rings. A wrap is also an easy way to refresh heirloom engagement rings with new style and flair without destroying the sentimentality of the older ring. Many couples choose wraps as anniversary gifts or to use if they renew their wedding vows, adding additional layers of meaning to an already meaningful ring.

Where to Buy Wraps

Most jewelers offer a selection of wraps specifically designed to blend well with the engagement rings they sell, though most wraps can be paired with any general ring design. If possible, couples should purchase the wrap from the same jeweler who supplied the engagement ring to ensure that it fits well and that the metals match appropriately. Unique engagement rings may require unique wraps as well, though many independent jewelers are well able to design stunning wraps to accompany unusual rings.

The cost of ring wraps varies widely depending on all the same factors that influence engagement ring prices: metal, quality and total carat weight of stones, the type of setting, and the overall detail on the ring. Generally speaking, however, wraps are less expensive than independent rings.

Diamond ring wraps are an easy, stylish way to enhance any diamond engagement ring. By choosing an appropriate style to match the initial ring, couples are able to upgrade their existing style without losing the uniqueness and individuality it embodies.

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