Diamond Ring Stores in Toronto

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If you live near Canada's "Queen City," you'll be pleased by the wide selection of diamond ring stores in Toronto. This city is Canada's economic capital and has the fifth largest population of any city in North America. Toronto is a jewelry shopper's paradise.

Shopping for Jewelry in Toronto

Whether you are looking for an antique diamond engagement ring, a custom-made, contemporary style, or a simple and affordable diamond ring, you're sure to find the perfect jewelry store in Toronto. While this city does not have an official "jewelry district," you can find a variety of jewelry stores near the Financial District.

Popular Diamond Ring Stores in Toronto

Because of the size of the city, Toronto is a great place to shop for jewelry. You can easily compare prices and find a ring that perfectly fits your budget and personality. The following diamond ring stores are popular in Toronto:

Randor Jewelry, Inc.

Randor is one of Canada's premier jewelers, and they have a large store in Toronto. You can buy loose diamonds and choose a setting perfect for you and your gemstone. Here, you'll find diamond eternity bands, diamond engagement rings, and diamond fashion rings.

Jonathan Stein

A wholesale diamond import company, Jonathan Stein specializes in loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes. You can find a high quality diamond as large as 3 carats at this store. You can also find diamonds in a wide variety of fancy colors.

Borra Jewelry

Borra Jewelry specializes in flexible rings. These diamond rings, available for both men and women, feature a band that consists of smooth links. These flexible diamond rings are very comfortable and represent a unique style choice.

Jewelry Exchange

If you're looking for a great selection of diamond ring stores in Toronto, check out the Jewelry Exchange. This is a group of jewelry stores, all under one roof. You can go from shop to shop, comparing styles and prices, until you find the ring perfect for you.

Canadian Jewelry Shopping Tips

When you're ready to start shopping for your diamond ring, consider the following tips:

  • Express your love for Canada with a unique Canadian diamond wedding ring or engagement ring. Your diamond ring could be inspired by the natural beauty of the Canadian countryside.
  • Consider a ring with a diamond mined right at home. Canada actually produces some of the world's most beautiful diamonds, all from conflict-free mines. Many Toronto diamond ring stores feature Canadian diamonds.
  • Shop around. With so many jewelery stores, it's easy to compare prices and styles when you shop for diamond rings in Toronto.
  • Have fun. Why not make your diamond shopping exerpience into a Toronto vacation? You could spend a weekend relaxing in this beautiful city while you shop for the perfect diamond ring.

Explore diamond shopping in Toronto. It just might be the place where you find the perfect ring.

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Diamond Ring Stores in Toronto