Diamond Mine Locations

Where in the world will you find diamonds?

For eons, our global fascination and overwhelming desire for diamonds has far outweighed that of any other precious gemstone, and for diamond aficionados, possessing a knowledge of the various diamond mine locations throughout the world fuels enduring interest. Ultimately, we long to know from whence our beloved diamonds originate. Knowing precisely where the mines are, the process by which diamonds are mined, and the outstanding diamonds which over time the mines have produced, gives us a greater understanding and appreciation of diamonds. Diamonds are surely not only a girl's best friend, but the whole world's, and our hot pursuit of this quintessential gem is more than justified.

Diamond Mining Locations are Found throughout the World

Diamond mine locations span the world and are found in four continents including Africa, Asia, North America, and Oceania. The following mines are presently successful working diamond mines:

AFRICA - Angola

  • Catoca diamond mine
  • Fucauma diamond mine
  • Luarica diamond mine

AFRICA - Botswana

  • Damtshaa diamond mine
  • Jwaneng diamond mine
  • Letlhakane diamond mine
  • Orapa diamond mine

AFRICA - South Africa

  • Baken diamond mine
  • Cullinan diamond mine (formerly Premier Mine)
  • Finsch diamond mine
  • Kimberley, Northern Cape diamond mine
  • Koffiefontein diamond mine
  • The Oaks diamond mine
  • Venetia diamond mine
  • Macicaca (Madagascar) diamond mine

AFRICA - Other Locations

  • Kampangala diamond mine (Congo)
  • Murowa diamond mine (Zimbabwe)
  • Williamson diamond mine (Tanzania)
  • Letseng diamond mine (Lesotho)

ASIA - Russia

  • Aikhal GOK diamond mine
  • Anabar GOK diamond mine
  • Mirny GOK diamond mine
  • Nurba GOK diamond mine
  • Udachny GOK diamond mine


  • Golkonda diamond mine
  • Kollur diamond mine
  • Panna diamond mine
  • Kundai diamond mine


  • Diavik diamond mine
  • Ekati diamond mine
  • Jericho diamond mine
  • Snap Lake diamond mine project
  • Victor diamond mine project
  • Gahcho Kue diamond mine project


  • Crater of Diamonds State Park

OCEANIA - Australia

  • Argyle diamond mine
  • Merlin diamond mine
  • Locke diamond mine

Notable Diamond Mine Locations

Crater of Diamonds State Park

In the mysterious world of diamonds, there are few trade secrets exposed to the general public. But when those secrets are laid bare, they are doozies! Take for example, surely one of the most exciting of all, the diamond hunting experience to be found at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. This park is open to the public and you get to keep what you can find - regardless of its value! This 911 acre diamond rich park is open to the public and for a small fee, rockhounds and diamond lovers alike can root around in this gem-rich earth for a dazzling prize. Notable findings include:

  • 1924 - The Uncle Sam was 40.23 carats and the largest diamond of its time to be discovered in North America.
  • 1964 - The Star of Murfreesboro was 34.25 carats
  • 1990 - Visitor Shirley Strawn found a 3.09 carat diamond which was cut to 1.09 carats in 1997 and graded a perfect 0/0/0 diamond by the American Gem Society in 1998. This was the first diamond ever to receive this extraordinary AGS grading and this phenomenal diamond is currently on display in the park.
  • 1991 - Visitor Joe Fedzora found a 6.23 carat brownish yellow diamond named the Bleeding Heart Diamond
  • 2006 - Visitor Marvin Culver found the arguably most publicized diamond, a 4.21 carat diamond which came to be called the Okie Dokie Diamond and which exhibited a wonderful deep canary yellow coloration. This diamond was flawless and publicized on the Today Show, MSNBC, Inside Edition, and the Travel Channel. This amazing diamond was also featured on the Travel Channel and published in Lost Treasure Magazine twice, Western and Eastern Treasures magazine, Mineralogical Record, and Rocks & Minerals.
  • 2006 - In December, Donald and Brenda Roden found a 6.35 carat rich honey-brown diamond named The Roden Diamond.
  • 2007 - 2007 brought the discovery of a 4.38 carat tea-colored diamond found by Chad Johnson
  • 2008 - Most recently, Sweet Caroline, a fabulous 4.68 carat diamond was found by visitor Richard Burke and Denis Tyrrell happened upon a 4.42 carat diamond known now as the Kimberley Diamond, named for those prolific pockets in Africa.

Williamson Diamond Mine

The Williamson Diamond Mine is also known as the Mwadui Diamond Mine and became well-known as the first significant diamond mine outside of South Africa. This famous open-pit mine was established in 1940 by Dr. John Williamson, a Canadian geologist. Williamson has been in continuous operation since its inception, making it one of the oldest continuously operating diamond mines in the world.

The Jericho Diamond Mine

Located in Canada's Nunavut territory, the Jericho Diamond Mine is about 249 miles northeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and is Canada's third diamond mine. It is the first diamond mine in Nunavut. Operated by Tahera Diamond Corporation and financed by over $35 million from Tiffany & Co. to assist in site construction, Jericho produces 375,000 carats yearly with a value of $25 million Canadian.

Kimberley Diamond Mine

Kimberly is a city in South Africa and capital of the Northern Cape. It was 1866 and unassuming Erasmus Jacobs found a small pebble on the banks of the Orange River. Though it seemed somewhat special and shone with a brilliance the young Jacobs had never before witnessed, he sold it to Schalk van Niekerk, who later sold it in London. It turned out to be a 21.25 carat and 4.25 gram diamond and its magnificence set the stage for a diamond rush in the area. Miners arrived in the thousands and the hill disappeared. Left in its wake was a giant hole which became known as The Big Hole.

Diamonds are the world's most popular gemstone, and fortunately diamond mine locations are found all over the world so our insatiable desire for these jewels will continue to be met as new mines are found and existing facilities continue to produce beautiful stones.

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