List of Creative Words in a Marriage Proposal

Man proposing to his girlfriend in the park

If you care enough about someone to propose marriage, you should choose your words carefully to make them as meaningful as possible to your partner. Don't just ask, "Will you marry me?" Find a more creative way to express your feelings and intentions before you utter those four very important words.

Creative Words to Use in a Marriage Proposal

Your intended is going to remember what you said when you proposed for the rest of your lives together, so make those words count. Here are some more creative ways to ask the love of your life to marry you. You can use one of them to help you get started, but be sure to add your own words to make your proposal more personal to you both.

  • Let's dance together at our wedding.
  • I can't imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.
  • I know you're the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.
  • The story of our love is only beginning. Let's write our own happy ending.
  • There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you.
  • When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we'll share together.
  • I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it.
  • When I look into my heart, I see only you. If you can look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of our lives together.
  • Let's put our hearts into each other's hands for life.
  • I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me.
  • When I think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.
  • Let's make a plan. Ten years from tonight, we'll tell our children the story of how I proposed to you.
  • When I think of the future, I like to picture us as two trees planted side-by-side, our roots growing togther more firmly as the years go by, and our children sprouting like seedlings around us.
  • Life offers many challenges. I know I can meet them if you're willing to face them with me.
  • I believe that if we're lucky enough to have found each other in the first place, we're worth betting on for life. Will you take that gamble with me?
  • When I met you, I knew I'd met my match. It was only a matter of time until we arrived at this moment. How it turns out is all in your hands.
  • You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?"
  • My heart was a desert until you came and watered it with you love. Let's spend the rest of our lives together pulling the weeds and enjoying the blossoms.

Tips for Finding the Right Words

Proposal at a restaurant

Some people are better at expressing themselves than others. If you're having difficulty finding the right words for a genuinely unique proposal, try these tips.

  • Be original. Since this is the biggest question of your life, you may want to use more unique wording than the standard proposal phrase. You might even consider proposing with a poem.
  • Express yourself. The way you word your proposal allows you to express your feelings about your intended in a way that means the most to you and fits your personality.
  • Personalize your proposal. Using your own creativity can also help you explain why you love your girlfriend and refer to specific aspects of your relationship.

Speak from Your Heart

Asking someone to marry you can be a bit nerve wracking, even if you're sure the answer will be yes. Just try to remember to speak from your heart and tell your sweetheart how you truly feel. It won't matter how much creativity you put into your proposal idea if the words don't ring true with your partner.

List of Creative Words in a Marriage Proposal