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Choosing a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are not necessarily every girl's best friend. Some women prefer to be more unique, or have a favorite color they'd rather have in an engagement ring instead of the traditional colorless gem. Non-diamond engagement rings are a stunning alternative that give couples the flexibility and variety to create a design that is meaningful to them.

Couples may choose a ring with another stone for other reasons as well, including affordability (semi-precious gems are typically cheaper than diamonds), sentimentality (using birthstones, for example) or simply personal preference. Regardless of the motivation, a non-diamond ring can be just as elegant as any traditional engagement ring.

Range of Rings

There are hundreds of different semi-precious gemstones available to incorporate into engagement rings, and some of the more popular choices include:

There is no restriction on which stones may be used, however, and a couple may choose any gem that appeals to them. Some couples even opt for synthetic or lab-created stones such as cubic zirconia or moissanite, which have the traditional look of diamonds without the same expense.

Just because an engagement ring may not use a diamond does not mean it cannot be just as intricate and beautiful as a traditional ring. Choosing a setting, accent stones and ring design to complement the colored stone is critical and can lead to a stunning piece of jewelry that stands out far more because of its unusual gem.

Being an Educated Consumer

Couples who opt for engagement rings with different stones must still take the time to become educated about what makes a quality gemstone. The specific characteristics may be different, but the basic principles of cut, clarity, color and carats still apply to colored gems. Furthermore, semi-precious gems may require special considerations because they are not as hard or durable as diamonds. By investigating the details about any gemstone, the couple guarantees that they find a ring that is not only beautiful, but also a careful investment. After all, your relationship deserves it.

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings