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A couple should celebrate their engagement even as they plan their wedding.

After learning how to buy an engagement ring, finding the perfect diamond, and popping the question, many couples come to a standstill in their relationship. While they may know how to plan a wedding, celebrating their engagement is just as crucial a part of their pre-nuptial period, and learning different engagement tips can help them cherish this fleeting time and create lasting memories as they begin their life together.

General Engagement Tips

There are several basic facets of an engagement period that a couple needs to be aware of, plan, or organize, including:

  • Announcing Their Engagement: Friends, family, coworkers, and other individuals close to the couple will want to share the news and excitement. Properly announcing the couple's commitment is crucial to avoiding hurt feelings or instigating resentment.
  • Commemorating the Engagement: Portraits and pictures are the perfect way to commemorate the beginning of a new phase in a couple's relationship, or the couple may want to choose gifts for one another.
  • Engagement Parties: Family members, coworkers, or friends may opt to throw an engagement party, and a couple should be familiar with invitations, ideas, and party etiquette before the event.

Happily Ever After

An engagement is a special time in a couple's life, whether it will be only for a few weeks or if it will last for months or years. Wedding planning resources offer plenty of information for planning the actual ceremony and reception, but celebrating an engagement is also a momentous time in a couple's relationship. By consciously working together to enjoy this period in their lives, a couple ensures that their married life starts out along a happy road.

Engagement Tips