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Kenneth David designer engagement ring.

Qualities of Designer Engagement Rings

Designer engagement rings are distinctive, elegant, and sophisticated. Unfortunately, they are also typically more expensive than non-designer rings, but that increased cost generally increases the quality and service that accompanies the ring as well. Designer rings may have any of the following characteristics:

  • Higher quality standards than jewelry industry norms, including certified diamonds.
  • Exclusive designs including unusual settings or gem arrangements that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Warranties and guarantees to protect a couple's investment.
  • Individualized custom designs rather than mass-produced styles.

Not all designers are expensive, however. Many local jewelry artisans can create designer rings for a fraction of the price of big-name designers, and they can often personalize a ring far more than larger design studios.

Who Buys Designer Engagement Rings?

Many people choose designer rings. Celebrities often prefer designer pieces because they know their jewelry will catch the public's eye, but other couples often seek designer rings as well because of their high quality and uniqueness. Couples who were on a tight budget when they became engaged may investigate designer rings as anniversary jewelry.

Choosing a Designer

Choosing a designer must be done just as carefully as choosing a jeweler. Couples interested in designer engagement rings can preview collections online and then schedule private boutique showings of pieces that match their style preferences. Some boutiques deal only with a specific designer, such as Tiffany, while others offer exclusive pieces from several designer lines, such as Tacori or Cartier. Local jewelry stores may carry local designers as well. No matter which designer engagement ring a couple eventually chooses, they are sure to be getting an elegant symbol of their relationship whose quality will be widely recognized and appreciated.

Designer Engagement Rings