Buying an Engagement Ring

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You've found the person you want to marry and planned a great proposal, but things can get a little trickier when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. There are lots of guidelines available, but many… Keep reading »

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Purchasing an engagement ring can be stressful, regardless of whether a couple does it together or one person buys the ring in secret to surprise their partner. An engagement ring symbolizes a promise to be together forever, and can also serve as a status symbol or a demonstration of a person's uniqueness.

Choosing a Jeweler

The right jeweler can steer you in a good direction for your engagement ring purchase. Choose a jeweler who has a solid reputation and will take the time to explain diamond grades and the various diamond flaws and inclusions you should know about before buying. A jeweler who spends more time trying to talk to you about the most expensive engagement rings in the store than about what ring is best for you isn't the jeweler for you. Don't do business with a jeweler who makes you feel more like a commission than someone making an important purchase.

Help Choosing a Ring

Your jeweler will talk to you about your options for buying a diamond, if that's the stone you want featured on the ring. You'll also discuss various ring settings and the many different designs available. And while your jeweler will likely talk to you about your budget for the ring, they shouldn't try to steer you toward buying a ring that costs more than you should spend. Instead, your jeweler should focus on helping you choose the best ring that is within your budget.

Affording a Ring

Some people buy engagement rings online or use ring layaway in an attempt to get a better selection at lower prices. Discount stores sometimes have engagement rings that can be quite impressive, yet at a lower price than at a traditional jewelry store. Choosing a cubic zirconia (CZ) over a real diamond will yield a bigger stone at a lower cost. Always keep in mind that any engagement ring for sale at a price that seems too good to be true may be a misrepresentation or an actual scam. A ring appraisal before purchase will protect you in buying the engagement ring.

An Important Purchase

An engagement ring will, in theory, be worn forever, so it should be a purchase that is carefully considered and not an impulse buy. Talk to your partner beforehand to make sure you don't accidentally buy a ring your partner thinks is a tacky design or not suitable for their finger shape. The process of buying the perfect engagement ring might be a little stressful, but it can certainly be worth the effort.

Buying an Engagement Ring