Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying an Engagement Ring
An engagement ring is a significant financial investment.

An engagement ring is one of the most nerve-wracking purchases couples ever make. Not only does the ring symbolize their impending union, but it is also a significant investment in fine gems and precious metals, one that hopefully will appreciate as they accumulate anniversaries.

Steps in Buying an Engagement Ring

While it is possible to walk into a jewelry store and walk out minutes later with a beautiful engagement ring, such impulse buying is not recommended for individuals interested in a meaningful purchase. The basic steps of the buying process for engagement rings should include:

  • Studying gem characteristics to learn about diamonds and different gemstones in order to find a quality stone.
  • Setting a budget for a quality ring that will not create debt or financial hardship.
  • Comparing different jewelers, including online merchants, to determine the available selection and styles in your price range.
  • Carefully choosing a jeweler to meet your style preferences and financial needs.
  • Examining different types of rings that match your budget and personal preferences.
  • Purchasing the ring through wise financial planning.
  • Insuring your purchase either through the jeweler's warranty plan, independent insurance, or other protective measures.

Buyers Beware

It is especially important to approach buying an engagement ring cautiously in order to avoid unscrupulous sellers, fraudulent rings, or other poor deals. Buyers should always investigate dealers through the Better Business Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce to be sure they are reputable. Furthermore, be sure you understand in detail the terms and conditions of the purchase, any payment plans, and warranty options before finalizing a sale.

Buying an Engagement Ring