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Once the all-important question has been asked and the bride-to-be has a sparkly new ring on her finger, then what? After you have your engagement ring, now comes the fun part. Not only are you going to be planning your engagement party and announcement, but you need to care for your engagement ring and prepare for disasters. And most importantly, show it off.

Engagement Party

Preparing for the prefect engagement party can be stressful to say the least. Take some of the pressure off by perusing through how to throw an engagement party or engagement party ideas. You'll find some unique tips and tricks to make your engagement party the party of the year. And you can even get a few party favor ideas.

Engagement Announcement

Even if you aren't having a party, you can still send out an engagement announcement. Learn the etiquette for engagement announcements and even fun engagement poems you might include. You might choose something heartwarming or even humorous poems.

Perfect Photos

That ring is the perfect accessory for your engagement photos. Get tips for making your engagement photo the best for your announcement. You can even check out unique engagement photo ideas. Now that the ring is on the finger, it is all about telling the world.

Think About Your Ring

That diamond has come with lots of blood, sweat and even tears. Make sure that you care for it properly by keeping up to date on engagement ring cleaning tips. You'll find out how to clean diamond and even perform minor repairs on your ring. For rings that are a little loose, check out ring guards before going to get it resized. Keeping your ring bright and shining for years to come is all about performing the proper maintenance.

Engagement Ring Disasters

Even with the best care, you can't avoid engagement ring mishaps. Learn what to do if your ring gets stuck or how to replace your ring if you lost it to the sewer gods. Even the best of brides-to-be have lost a ring down the sink! Being prepared can ensure that you don't blow your top.

Getting a New Ring

Despite the best intentions, not every prospective groom can accurately predict his bride-to-be's jewelry preferences. The key thing to remember if the ring isn't suitable, however, is not its physical appearance, but the romantic intentions behind it. A ring can always be upgraded to a new one or returned to the store. You might also choose to sell it and just get a new one. Just remember the loving gesture should always be cherished and will hold a very special place in both of your hearts.

After the Ring

There are many things that a couple needs to do after exchanging the engagement ring or rings that are not explicitly related to wedding planning. The ring is the ultimate symbol of the couple's commitment, and to make certain that symbol is honored, it is important to take care of it. Now that you know where to find the knowledge, get educated!

After You Have The Ring