Choosing Cartier for an Engagement Ring

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Quality is critical at Cartier.

Many women dream of designer engagement rings such as Cartier engagement rings. For discriminating tastes, Cartier is a superb and distinctive choice. With a rich history of quality jewelry and exquisite design, these designer rings are dazzling symbols of the love and commitment a couple shares.

History of Cartier Engagement Rings

Cartier is most famous for exclusive watches and designer jewelry, but since 1847 their bridal collection has grown more renowned. In the early 1900s, Cartier was one of the first jewelers to begin regularly using platinum for engagement ring settings, bringing out the true brilliance of the stones. Cartier jewelry is of such elegant quality that it has charmed royalty in both Europe and the Middle East, as well as entertainment royalty such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. With such an impressive list of dedicated clients, Cartier engagement rings are truly among the best in exclusive design.

Cartier Diamonds

Cartier selects diamonds very carefully, choosing only stones with no visible inclusions and colorless diamond color ratings. Stones are also carefully examined for symmetry and brilliance to create the perfect ring.

The minimum carat size for a Cartier engagement ring is .5 carats. Depending on the ring's style, diamond shapes and cuts may be limited with smaller stones. All diamond shapes are possible with stones larger than one carat, however.

Cartier Engagement Ring Styles

Retro Cartier Diamond Ring
Antique Style Cartier Ring

Cartier engagement rings come in both classic styles and modern designs. Classic diamond solitaire engagement rings may use multiple accent stones or pave settings for added brilliance, while bezel, prong, and channel engagement ring settings are other popular choices.Cartier's contemporary engagement rings are exquisite masterpieces of gemological artistry. When designing a new ring, modern trends and historic heritage are blended together for a unique ring with a hint of traditional flair. Elaborate channel settings in swirls and geometric patterns are reminiscent of art deco engagement rings, while the different sizes of accent stones add textural interest and distinction to the piece. For any new design, balance is key - the ring must not look lopsided or disproportionate in any way. Furthermore, Cartier jewelers take care that the diamond setting is as beautiful upside down as it is when worn, guaranteeing that the ring is always viewed at its best.

Other Cartier Wedding Accessories

Not only are Cartier engagement rings sought after as exquisite bridal jewelry, but the designer offers a range of other wedding accessories to give your entire celebration a uniformly elegant appearance. Designer wedding rings are available in white and yellow gold as well as platinum, and custom-made rings can be created in less than a month. Cartier also offers a selection of bridesmaid and groomsman gifts as well as sophisticated wedding stationary.

Where to Buy Cartier

When buying designer engagement rings, excellent service is a key to the perfect experience. Cartier offers private bridal consultations at any of their boutiques in the United States and Canada, and brides-to-be can order a catalog to preview their complete bridal line. Boutiques are located in most major cities, including Denver, Honolulu, New York, Orlando, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and more. Consultation appointments can be scheduled online or via telephone.

For a couple with distinctive designer tastes, Cartier is an excellent choice. With both traditional and contemporary styles using only the most exquisite diamonds, Cartier rings are eternal symbols of the lasting love a couple shares.

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Choosing Cartier for an Engagement Ring