Butterfly Engagement Ring

Butterfly engagement ring

A butterfly engagement ring is a wistful, romantic symbol for a couple's relationship as well as a popular style of figural engagement ring that many couples choose.

Butterfly Symbolism

There are thousands of species of butterflies throughout the world with tremendous variations in wing size, color patterns, and overall shape. Regardless of the specific species, however, most butterflies are regarded as a romantic symbol that blends very well with the romance and promise of a couple's commitment to one another. The idea that butterflies symbolize a transformation or rebirth as they shed their cocoons to take flight as beautiful creatures relates well to the changes a couple undergoes as they marry, and many couples choose butterfly wedding themes to take advantage of these creatures' natural beauty. At the same time, the maxim "butterflies in the stomach" relates to nervousness and anxiety, two emotions that are often in evidence as a wedding date nears, and the butterfly can also represent the delicacy and fragility of marriage. In Chinese culture, two butterflies seen together are a sign of love, and many people believe that if a butterfly lands on a person, it can bring them good luck.

Regardless of why a couple may choose a butterfly-style ring, it will become an enduring symbol of their relationship and the love they share.

Butterfly Engagement Ring Styles

Just as there are many different species of butterflies, so too are there many different styles for butterfly rings. Popular designs may incorporate the following features:

Diamond Butterfly Engagement Ring
Diamond and blue sapphire butterfly ring
  • A single butterfly designed in precious metal that is centered on the ring's band as a focal point. A very large butterfly may have a split shank design for better balance and proportion.
  • Two smaller butterflies on the crown of the ring, surrounding a diamond or other gemstone.
  • Butterflies set into the engagement ring mounting on the side of the ring, perhaps in a stylized form that incorporates the setting's prongs.
  • Dual butterflies that combine to create the focal point in a bypass ring design.
  • Three or four butterflies that serve not only as a decorative element but also as the ring's prongs to hold a central diamond or gemstone.
  • Butterflies engraved into the ring's band or inlaid into a wide band.
  • Butterflies with wings and body fashioned from gemstones or finely crafted with wire wrapped around gems.
  • Butterflies with heart shaped wings crafted from heart shaped stones or metal, or using pear shapes or marquise shapes for different wing proportions.
Filigree Butterfly Bridal Ring Set
Ring and band with butterfly design
  • Filigree designed butterflies that may or may not incorporate gemstones. Filigree Butterfly Ring
  • Wings slightly raised or flat against the ring's band.utterflies with pave set diamonds encrusting the wings or body.
  • Multi-tone butterflies that use multiple metals for subtle shades of color, especially using rose gold with other, contrasting metals.
  • Subtle butterfly patterns set between stones in a band.
  • Small butterflies as accents to flower engagement rings or other art deco designs.

Clearly, there are many different ways to incorporate the beauty of butterflies into distinctive and elegant engagement rings; the only limits are in the imagination of the ring designer.

Finding Butterfly Rings

Despite the fact that there are many different designs for butterfly engagement rings, they can be difficult to find because they are not traditional engagement ring styles. Alternative designers who specialize in unique elements may offer butterfly styles, and specialty engagement ring stores are likely to have a selection of butterfly designs as well. Mainstream jewelers may have a very limited line of butterfly styles, though they will usually be classified as gemstone rings or right hand rings instead of engagement styles. Before settling for the limited range of styles that may be available in local stores, however, couples should consider looking at online engagement rings to see what different designs they like best.


There is a wide price range for butterfly engagement rings based on the types of metal used, the size of the ring, and both the quality and quantity of any gemstones or diamonds in the ring. If the butterfly design is the focus of the ring instead of a central gem, the price may be more affordable than designs that use butterflies to frame a large carat weight stone, and some rings are even available with cubic zirconia gems instead of natural stones, which will lower the price even further.

A butterfly engagement ring may be as hard to catch as a real butterfly, but there is no mistaking the beauty and romance of the design that is sure to capture the bride-to-be's heart.

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Butterfly Engagement Ring