6 Unique Holiday Proposals

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The holiday season is a great time to get engaged. The atmosphere is full of festivities and fun, therefore making a perfect backdrop for your proposal. There are many great ways to pop the question during the holidays and while any proposal is special, putting a little extra thought and planning into your proposal will make it even more so. It's a great way to show your intended how much she means to you.

6 Ways to Propose at Christmas Time

Here are 6 unique holiday proposals that are easy to implement, what ever your circumstances or budget:

1. Engagement Ring Ornament Proposal

The holiday season is a great opportunity for decorating the home with ornaments and festive decorations. One fun way to make your proposal is to package the engagement ring into an ornament and hang it on a tree or with other decorations. At the appropriate time you ask your loved one to look at the ornament and pop the question as she gets close to admire it. Wrapping the ring box in festive paper and adding a bow or two will help make it blend in with other ornaments.

2. Holiday Gift Proposal

When you and your loved one are opening gifts together, pass her the ring box which is wrapped as a gift and propose as she opens it. This is a great way to make a surprise proposal and you can adapt this in a variety of ways to suit many occasions. This type of surprise proposal idea works best when it is just the two of you.

3. Propose at Christmas Dinner

A big holiday celebration, such as a Christmas meal, is a good opportunity for a proposal. There are many ways that you can make a proposal during a meal. Ideas include:

  • Tie the ring to the top of a champagne bottle and asking your loved one to open it
  • Placing the ring on a plate or in a dish or even presenting the ring on serving plate
  • Make a toast, profess your love and propose on bended knee

4. Propose With a Greeting Card

If you fear that you will get tongue tied during a proposal then writing it down might be a good alternative. You can make a proposal that little bit extra special during the holidays by writing your proposal into a holiday greeting card. If you are feeling creative you could write the proposal in verse. This would be in keeping with the greeting card theme. If you didn't fancy writing a verse then a poem or riddle would also be a fun way to pop the question.

5. Propose at Santa's Grotto

Many large department stores have a Santa's grotto in place during the holiday season. Why not take your loved one to see Santa's grotto and use this as the opportunity to make your proposal. One romantic way to do this would be to tell your loved one that if you were to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas - and for the rest of your life - it would be her hand in marriage.

6. Romantic Holiday Picnic Proposal

Christmas and the holiday period through New Year's Day is a very busy and social time. It is commonplace for restaurants and bars to be booked by groups of colleagues and friends for festive get-togethers. These gatherings don't create the quiet romantic venue for a proposal that most people hope for. Instead, consider creating that special atmosphere with these alternatives.

  • Cook a special meal at home.
  • Picnic in a basket is an interesting and fun alternative. While a picnic at the height of winter may seem strange, it is possible to plan a picnic with food that warms you such as flasks of soup with hot crusty rolls. This is a good way to 'get away from it all' and find a quiet romantic spot for a proposal.

The Most Romantic Christmas Ever

It's no surprise that the holiday season is one of the most popular times for marriage proposals. These 6 unique holiday proposals can be adapted and varied to match your circumstances. A marriage proposal will always be remembered, whichever form it takes, but proposing at Christmas is incredibly romantic. Just relax and make sure that you enjoy every moment of this special day.

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6 Unique Holiday Proposals