3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Photos

Classic 3 Stone Engagement Rings


Many couples choose 3 stone diamond rings as beautiful and symbolic rings for their commitment. The 3 stones represent a couple's present, past and future.

While classic round diamonds are among the most popular stones for this type of engagement ring, there are many different styles to choose from as well.

Precious Metal


3 stone rings can be set in any metal you like. While many prefer white gold, as seen in this lovely ring, rings can be set in yellow gold, platinum and even sterling silver.

Pave Settings


A popular design for a 3 stone diamond ring is to encircle each of the focal stones with pave settings. This type of flowing setting emphasizes the growth of a couple's relationship and the connection they have to one another.

Simple and Delicate


A 3 stone ring can be done in a simple yet elegant style. This yellow gold ring uses smaller round stones but is still stunning. Although many styles feature a larger central stone, this ring type can also be done with stones of similar size.

Stone Cuts


3 stone rings are available in many diamond shapes. This stunning ring uses a large emerald cut diamond as the stone and trapezoid diamonds on each side. Other shapes of diamonds that can be used include oval, marquise, princess, and Asscher. When choosing a diamond shape, consider what you and what best matches your personality and style.

Make a Statement


If you like this popular and beautiful style of ring, but want to make a statement and have one that is a little different, consider one done with a very large center stone. The contrast of an oversize center stone and smaller side stones is eye-catching and unique.

Sophisticated Style


Marquise diamonds are simple and sophisticated. This style puts a unique twist on a classic design by using two smaller marquise diamonds to accent the larger center stone. The result is a look that is dramatic but not overwhelming.

Symbolic Representation


3 stone rings are an ideal choice as an engagement ring. Whether you decide on princess cut diamonds, a mix of shapes or a simple design with round stones, the meaning behind the ring remains the same. This style symbolizes the bond you will be building together and represents the various stages of your relationship.

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3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Photos