1920s Replica Wedding Rings

Replica vintage rings can be beautiful.

Most 1920s replica wedding rings reflect the geometric design and strong use of symmetry that was popular in art deco jewelry. Known as the Roaring Twenties, the art deco period was a time of strong reactions against the strict ideals of the Victorian era. These feelings were reflected in jewelry as designers did away with free flowing curves and floral motifs replacing them with bold dramatic designs and strong colors.

New Jewelry Techniques of the 1920s

In the 1920s jewelry designers discovered several new techniques for working with platinum. Because of these techniques, they were able to create and implement designs that were extremely precise and intricately detailed. They also discovered new and advanced methods of cutting diamonds, allowing them to cut diamonds shapes that had never been possible before. These new shapes included:

Dramatic Colored Gemstones

Replica wedding rings from the 1920s often combine diamonds and precious gemstones creating a ring that is spectacular and dramatic. The stones are generally mounted and set into a platinum or white gold band creating a striking bold contrast that is so strong in Art Deco jewelry. The richly colored gemstones that were most often combined with sparkling diamonds in 1920s wedding rings include:

The 1920s replica wedding rings made today not only use these precious gemstones but combine different colored diamonds with white buttons for a truly stunning effect.

  • Antique Jewelry Mall offers an exquisite replica Art Deco yellow gold wedding band that has seven diamonds in a wedding cake tiered setting. The diamondstotal .20 carats, and the setting is beautifully engraved and framed with milgrain beading.
  • Fay Cullen Jewelry has an extensive line of replica wedding bands from the 1920s. Many of these wedding rings have the dramatic impact of colored gemstones along side of white diamonds. A beautiful example of this style ring is their Art Deco sapphire and diamond wedding band. Fiery diamonds and sparkling sapphires are set in your choice of platinum or 18K white gold. The exquisite stones are set in alternating square and circular shapes and have beautifully detailed edges. This elegant wedding band can also be made using rubies or other gemstones of your choice.

1920s Replica Wedding Bands of Platinum and Diamonds

To many people there is nothing more elegant than the look of diamonds and platinum. The combination of sleek white metal and the fiery sparkle of white diamonds creates the look of stark whiteness that was a fundamental aspect of Art Deco jewelry. Today's diamonds are carefully crafted into beautiful gems using many diamond cuts and shapes, including old European, Asscher, and marquise to reproduce the works of artisans of many years ago. Examples of these magnificent diamond and platinum replica wedding rings include:

Where to Find 1920s Replica Rings

The beauty and style of 1920s replica wedding rings makes them an ideal choice for anyone that loves the look of Art Deco design jewelry.

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1920s Replica Wedding Rings