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cz wedding set

CZ Wedding Sets

Cubic zirconia wedding sets can be just as lovely as rings with natural gems, and they have the added benefit of being far less expensive. While couples may need to shop online for the best selection of cubic zirconia pieces, the effort may be well worth the results. Find a beautiful and timeless wedding ring set any bride can appreciate.

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simple cz set
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Simple Sets

The old idea of oversized, gaudy cubic zirconia rings is a thing of the past. Many simple, delicate rings use cubic zirconia gems for an inexpensive yet lovely look. This beautiful and delicate sterling silver set features a 0.50-carat round center stone with smaller cubic zirconia accents on each side. It retails for about $80.

antique style
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Antique Inspiration

Antique engagement rings are popular designs, but they are also expensive. Choosing an antique or vintage-inspired design using cubic zirconia is a way to have a lovely, elaborate ring without an elaborate price. This affordable ring features three carats of cubic zirconia gems set in sterling silver. It retails for about $33.

pave set
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Pave Settings

Pave setting rings have unparalleled sparkle and fire, and using cubic zirconia stones for this type of set allows the design to take advantage of many stones without a much higher price. This ring is perfect for the couple on a budget. It features a round one-carat cubic zirconia in the center with two more carats of pave-set cubic zirconia gems surrounding it. This sterling silver beauty retails for only $45.

unique designs
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Unique Designs

Because of its affordability, cubic zirconia lends itself to elaborate, unique designs. This 14k white gold set features three carats of cubic zirconias arrayed in an asymmetrical sunburst shape. It's sure to turn heads anywhere. This wedding set retails for just under $400.

asscher cut
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Stone Shapes

While round stones are the most common for both diamonds and cubic zirconias, more unique shapes, such as this Asscher cut, are also available. This elegant ring features a 1.5-carat center cubic zirconia and a sparkling array of accent gems. The stones are set in sterling silver. This ring retails for about $65.

gold cz set
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Glowing Yellow Gold

Gold is the most popular precious metal for wedding rings, so it's a natural choice for a cubic zirconia wedding set. This classic ring features an offset 14k yellow gold band and a one-carat round cubic zirconia with smaller accent gems. At $385, it's a much more affordable alternative to a diamond and gold ring.

white gold
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Luminous White Gold

White gold also makes an upscale choice for a cubic zirconia set. This beautiful set has an engagement ring with a two-carat center gem and a matching wedding band that is channel-set with cubic zirconia. It retails for about $360.

two-tone set
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Two-Tone Sets

Two-tone or mixed-metal wedding sets are beautiful, especially if they feature sparkling cubic zirconias. This gorgeous set is made of 14k yellow gold and is accented with 14k rose gold. The center prong-set cubic zirconia is flanked by smaller gems, and several smaller czs enhance the ring. It retails for about $340.

his and hers
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His and Hers Wedding Bands

Cubic zirconia rings are available not only in sets for the bride but also in matching sets that include three rings: the engagement ring, the bride's wedding ring, and the groom's wedding ring. These two-tone rings are crafted in 14k yellow gold with 14k white gold accents, and they feature sparkling cubic zirconia. The set of three rings retails for about $470.

If you're shopping for imitation diamond rings, it's good to understand your options when it comes to style, materials, and price. Take your time and check out lots of rings; your perfect wedding set is out there.

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Cubic Zirconia Wedding Set Photos