Used Engagement Rings

For couples who are on a tight budget or are simply looking for something a little different, used engagement rings could be the perfect compromise.

Getting engaged is an exciting time. With big parties and celebrations to look forward to and a new home to prepare for, there are many calls on a couple's budget. While many couples dream of buying the biggest and the best engagement ring possible, it often is just not practical. A limited budget, however, does not mean that a couple needs to go without a special ring. There are many exciting and interesting alternatives to buying a brand-new engagement ring. Used rings, offer a wonderful opportunity to buy a beautiful engagement ring without the price tag of a brand-new ring.

Benefits of Buying Used Engagement Rings

There are many benefits in buying a used engagement ring. These include:

  • Price - One of the main benefits in buying a second-hand or used engagement ring is that they often cost significantly less than the brand-new equivalent. This doesn't mean that a second-hand engagement ring is of a lesser quality: top quality diamonds and precious metals can often be found in used as well as brand-new rings. One of the key qualities of diamonds is the fact that they do not deteriorate over the years and as such it doesn't matter if a ring is brand-new or several years old.
  • Style - All jewelry, including engagement rings, is subject to fashion trends. We often don't realize at the time that a style or type of ring is representative of a particular fashion era, and it is not until a ring starts to look outdated that this becomes apparent. Couples looking for a ring that is not a high-fashion ring and ring 'of the moment', but looking for a ring that is a little different and perhaps bucks the trend, may find that the answer lies in second-hand jewelry. As used engagement rings span many years and decades, a wide variety of styles are available. Materials also come in and out of fashion and, as such, hard to find gemstones or unusual diamond shapes may only be found in second-hand rings.
  • Availability - The advent of online shopping, in particular online auctions, has resulted in second-hand jewelry being more widely available and accessible than ever before. Shoppers can now search for second-hand engagement rings throughout not only the United States, but also the rest of the world. This means that an immense range of engagement rings is available to a newly engaged couple spanning all price brackets.
Used rings can have unique styles.

Potential Pitfalls of Buying Used Rings and Jewelry

While there are many persuasive benefits in buying second-hand engagement rings, there are potential drawbacks that it is important to be aware of. These include:

  • Stigma - Not everybody appreciates the benefits and qualities of used jewelry and may therefore see used jewelry as a poor quality option. There may therefore be a perceived negative stigma attached to buying second-hand or used rings.
  • Luck - Whether or not somebody believes in luck, it is important to be aware of the fact that most used and second-hand engagement rings are sold as a result of a couple no longer being engaged. Some people may feel that this brings a negative and unlucky aura to the ring.
  • Quality - A ring can be purchased with confidence from a qualified and reputable jeweler. Rings are often sold with guarantees and certificates of quality. Detailed information such as the type of gold or the quality of the gemstones may not always be available when buying second-hand jewelry. This is particularly the case when buying from online auctions where jewelry is often purchased sight unseen.

Buying used engagement rings can be the ideal way to own a very special ring without breaking the bank!

Used Engagement Rings