Gaelic Wedding Bands

Claddagh and Celtic wedding bands

Gaelic wedding bands are a meaningful ring selection for a couple who enjoys Celtic culture. These types of rings can add an authentic touch to an Irish or Scottish wedding theme. Traditional and modern rings with Gaelic sayings are available in a variety of designs to fit any couple's style.

Types of Gaelic Wedding Bands

There are many interesting features of Gaelic and Celtic wedding bands.

About Gaelic Rings

Gaelic wedding bands are a type of Celtic jewelry with designs inspired by Irish and Scottish culture. A large number of Celtic jewelry features engravings of sayings in Gaelic, the native language of Ireland and Scotland.

For hundreds of years, the British did not allow Irish or Scottish citizens to speak Gaelic in effort to encourage the English language. Generations of Irish and Scots grew up without learning Gaelic. For couples of Irish and Scottish ancestry, Gaelic jewelry is particularly meaningful because it represents a lost heritage.

Gaelic wedding rings come in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and titanium. Many of the rings are made in Ireland or Scotland. Common Gaelic wedding ring designs include:

  • Claddagh ring: Ring styles include traditional Claddagh rings featuring two hands holding a crowned heart and wedding bands with engraved Claddagh symbols. Authentic Irish-made Claddagh rings include a made in Ireland engraving, an official hallmark letter symbol for the year and the insignia of the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Many couples choose this traditional Irish wedding ring and engrave romantic Gaelic phrases in the ring.
  • Poesy ring: Poesy rings are a type of traditional wedding and bethrothal ring from ancient Europe. The poesy rings are engraved with meaningful words or poems because when the words gain power when they touch the loved one's skin, binding a couple closer together when they exchange rings. Gaelic poesy rings in both traditional and modern styles are available.
  • Celtic patterns: Many Gaelic wedding rings feature a Celtic pattern such as knots, spirals or triskels.
  • Two-toned metal bands: Some Gaelic wedding rings come in two tones such as white gold combined with yellow gold. Designs include both plain and patterned two-toned versions.
  • Thistle patterns: Admirers of Scottish Gaelic rings will find many different versions of the thistle pattern.
  • Scottish clan symbols: Couples can also order wedding rings with their Scottish clan symbol and have Gaelic words engraved in the bands.

Where to Buy Gaelic Wedding Rings

A couple searching for Gaelic wedding rings will find the following websites helpful:

  • Unique Celtic Wedding Rings: Unique Celtic Wedding Rings has a large number of Gaelic wedding rings that come in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold. The rings are all made in Ireland and have the Office of the Irish Assay stamp.
  • Limoges Jewelry: Limoges Jewelry sells Celtic wedding bands and Claddagh rings and offers engraving for the rings. You can request a Gaelic saying for the ring engraving.
  • Royal Claddagh: Royal Claddagh sells authentic Irish-made Claddagh rings that include the hallmark and insignia from the Irish Assay Office. The retailer also sells wedding bands with the Claddagh symbol and Celtic knot patterns. These rings are suitable for engraving a Gaelic phrase.
  • Gretna Green Wedding Ring: Gretna Green Wedding Rings is a J & K Harris jeweler site. The site sells a Scottish thistle wedding band that can be engraved. The ring is available in yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Gaelic wedding bands are a creative alternative to traditional wedding rings. Celtic jewelry enthusiasts and admirers of Gaelic poetry will love this ring. However, any couple who wants unique and romantic wedding jewelry could also easily fall in love with these rings.

Gaelic Wedding Bands